Breaking Bad: SPOILERS - filming exterior shots of the White family home

Exterior shots of the White family home were filmed at this actual family home:

However, in the last season, there are exterior shots of the home where:

[spoiler]it’s kinda fucked up. It’s boarded up and IIRC been spray painted with graffiti.

My question is, did they actually fuck up the real family’s home? Not that it couldn’t be repaired easily, I think it was mostly cosmetic damage. Or did they use another home or some special effects?[/spoiler]

They had their prop department dirty up the place and then clean it up afterwards. No actual damage was done to the house. They talk about it on one of the podcast episodes.

Cool, thanks!

For your listening pleasures, the podcast can be found here:

The episode where they talk about the White House is 509.

How could this possibly be true? When you are beating people away with a stick and stating your refusal to sell in a national publication, how can your home NOT be worth more than any other house in the neighborhood? That seems absurd to me.

I don’t think either the Obamas or the Secret Service would take kindly to anyone dirtying up the White House.

Agreed. I don’t understand why the value wouldn’t get a bump up of some kind.

I live less than half a mile away from the house in question. It’s just a regular middle-class type house in a regular middle-class type neighborhood (although the landscaping of some of its neighbors improved dramatically just about the time filming started). I’d say $150,000 - $200,000 is a pretty accurate price range.

When more people want to buy something, that is called “Demand” and that makes the price go up. If hundreds of people want to buy the house at $200k, I bet there are a few that would pay $300k for it. That’s called “The Market”. Those realtors are idiots.