Breaking Bad webisodes?!

OK so I’m a year late! I just found out that 5 webisodes were released last summer. I figured somebody else must have missed them, and this show is too good to miss any of.

Wedding Day was my favorite, and I didn’t make it through Marie’s Confession on my first try. The other three are The Break In, Twaughthammer, and Good Cop, Bad Cop. The link kinda sucks, but I couldn’t get them alone in a better search, and didn’t want to link to an auto-playing video…

So what other webisodes am I missing?


<<furiously scrambling to find these>>

Also here. Not finding anything more.

I saw most of them on OnDemand. Good Cop, Bad Cop doesn’t sound familiar, guess I should check it out.

I liked how the pink bear floating in the pool showed up in the music video.