Breaking News: The West coast is on Fire

We’re sitting on a 166 down here next to the El Dorado fire. Most of the smoke is going up and over to Europe rather than wafting down into the valleys. Couple that with the massive amount of ragweed pollen in the air and my sinuses are trashed.

And in two hours it has jumped from 315 to 371 here in Portland. The rain that was supposed to knock that down to reasonable levels never came. When I step outside my chest starts hurting.

And now 398. The mild westerly winds that could start to clear it out have yet to manifest. Instead, it’s dead still or 1-2 mph from the east. At least the forecast for heavier rains tomorrow night is holding steady so far.

For all of you: :dash::cloud_with_rain::dash::cloud_with_rain::dash::cloud_with_rain::dash::cloud_with_rain::dash: and :wine_glass::beer::tropical_drink::tumbler_glass::cocktail:. Repeat as desired.

Stay safe. We flatlanders need you.

Thanks, Bip! I have the beer part pretty well covered this week.

Usually, rainfall in Portland causes a decrease in people outdoors. But I predict crowds leaving their homes tomorrow night if this rain actually comes.

This morning we were down to Unhealthy from Very Unhealthy, but it looks and smells the same out there to me. There’s a glowing red dot up in the sky that, if memory serves, is the sun.

I read that rain was headed into Oregon tomorrow, and AQ is expected to improve here as a result. I hope that’s true.

Hoping hard for rain for you –

Got up to about 375 here in Corvallis but qualitatively there seems to have been a precipitous drop in smoke outside. I can’t really tell if it’s smokey at the moment nor can I even smell it. still reports high numbers but maybe their sensor hasn’t taken a reading yet. I’m not complaining.

We were in the green here today. My kids commented that you could tell that the sky was blue. The smoke is creeping back though and we’re in yellow now.

@gatopescado How is the air over there? The air map doesn’t look good.

Hang in there everyone.

It just hit 420 here in North Portland.

Isn’t it always 420 in Portland?

Sunny, I’m down to about a mile or less visibility on the last few days. Eyes watering, throat sore. Nothing to do about it. Brush my teeth with the air.

The site seems to be broken. Despite the think smoky haze outside, their meter says that the pollution level is a 5 (good). Could someone please test the site from your location?

The problem appears to be with the PM2.5 reporting in Oregon, which comes from the Oregon DEQ. I assume they have some glitch in their reporting service.

Put in Vancouver, WA and you’ll see it’s still hazardous.

Man, I feel for you folks. The AQI here has dropped to 9. Apparently, it’s the first non Spare The Air Day we’ve had for 30 days.

It seems to be fixed now. We are at 296. We were about 100 points lower this time yesterday, and there is no wind so I expect it to get rather high today.

Hallelujah! AQ is 109! The forecast is for it to drop back to green tomorrow. I sure hope so!

That ‘AirNow’ site is Bullshit! It claims I’m ‘Good’, but the smoke is thick enough to swim in.

Try and then go to their map. Their model seems to be selling sensors to people and then connecting it to wifi, so they are all over the place. Be sure to click-off “Inside Sensors” because, who give a crap about that.

Air Now only updates every hour or so. PurpleAir provides data from multiple sites and reports more frequently. Both put me in the low 300s at the moment.