Breaking news: Toilet paper goes over not under

As reported by The Age (Australia), the illustrations for the original patent for toilet paper clearly show that it should go over, not under. That is all. (Except for a certain smugness that comes from knowing that I’ve been right all along …)

No mention that “Big Corn” tried to buy and hide that patent for years?

Totally confused ^.

Besides. I and millions of kittens agree with Blue Mood. Over, not under.
Much more fun that way. :smiley:

Ah but that was the Old Testament, now you are allowed to [del]eat shellfish[/del] use TP any way you want.

Which again raises the age-old question in my mind of is there a gender bias in folders vs. wadders?

That new-fangled toilet paper darn near put corn cobs out of business.

Duh. Now I get it.

Chippie, our older cat, doesn’t care which. Over or under, he’ll shred it either way.

Which is why it now stands on end in a paper towel holder on the counter.

I thought Sears or Monkey-Wards was responsible for that?

They only say that in the NIV Bible.
The King James version translates to “Thou shalt not leave an empty TP tube on dispenser. Discard and replace.”

The Sears and Roebuck Catalog was responsible for the settling of the western USA during our pioneer days.
Without it - well just imagine thousands of outhouses that would be full of corncobs and …

Great. I’ll file a patent for the under method and get a royality for every cat owner.

of course they would say it goes over, they’re Australians. the water doesn’t even swirl in the drains in the right way.

At least now we have an actual citation for this argument.


Now, if only we can find the original patent for the toilet itself, showing the hinged lid and the explanation that lids are designed to be put down.

After decades of differing opinions, it have been PROVEN.

Over, not under.
However, someone (ahem) has raised (:D) the debate of the toilet seat being left up or down.

Will this never end?

We (sort of) do! The lid should both be put down every time the user is finished because flushing with the lid up makes yucky things go into the air.

Although not directly answering your question, I thought some links might help Fight Ignorance:

I return you do this discussion hoping it will guide you further.

I think I might be going back to the thread about crows, for they are far smarter than I.

My cat **Who Thinks She Owns The WholePlanet **let alone has ambitions for dominating The Entire Universe has already filed and received a Patent Pending for that,

The little fucker still expects me to scratch her head in spite of all that.

Cabin Fever, that is a *shit ton *of toilet information; thanks :wink:

On a cat / toilet related note - though nothing at all to do with paper- Cosmo, aka Brigadier General Pissy Britches apparently thinks I do something or another bathroom related incorrectly because he unceremoniously backed that cat ass up and sprayed me the other day while I was sitting on the toilet :eek: