Breakup Girl is BACK!

One of my favorite sites in the whole world went offline in December 2002 after joining up with and getting into a big creative/legal/financial kind of squabble. I missed it terribly - the cartoons, the board, the advice columns, and all.

Now, the superhero I adore is back in style! If you need a place to go to commiserate in singleness, read great advice on togetherness, and snicker at great comics, head on over to

I’m going to see if I can’t convince Lynn and Chris - the creators - to put the board back up as well.

Very funny, and I like the artwork. Thanks for pointing this site out. I’ve bookmarked it.

Oh, YAY! Thanks so much for the update. I used to stop in from time to time and see what was up, but I hadn’t lately. So great to know she’s back–and Chris too, of course.

Didn’t the site go offline well before Dec 2002, though? More like sometime in 2001? Ah, well, just great to have her dispensing the advice again.

Actually, the tragic thing is that she won’t be running her advice column anymore. sniffle It’s just too much overhead at this point. However, all the old columns are up, and lots of goodies to go with them.

I wonder if she’ll put the board back.

Thats the best news I’ve had all week, considering its still Monday morning thats not saying much so… thats the best news I’ve had all month!

I missed break up girl. !

thought she was gone forever!

I didn’t get it. Must not be my type of humor. I’ll try again tomorrow, sometimes these things take a few tries . . .