Breast Fixation

Just curious.
males who were breast fed
males who were not breast fed

was there ever a poll on which group had a stronger
fixation on womens breast?

mmmmm boobies.

I’m trying to imagine the poll question. Would the question be binary (yes/no) or what?

Yes, the groups with the highest fixation were straight men followed by gay women.

Seriously though, all men are fixated on breasts. That’s the reason why the damn things exist.

I’d recommend eye-focus tracking. The test subject sits comfortably, and watches slides being projected. (“Slides?” “Projected?” Okay, I’m old fashioned.) Pictures of birds, and fools, and occasionally, breasts. You’d measure how long the subject focused on the images, and the exact spot of his focus. If different groups focused differently, voila, you’ve got a scientific paper. If not, you still have a paper, but only announcing the null hypothesis. Not a headliner.

They exist because we’re milk-producing mammals which our offspring relied on for hundreds of thousands of years to gain nourishment while in infancy.

As to the sexual fixation, I havo no idea; I just know that they’re awesome.

I was not breast fed, but I don’t see how i could be any more fixated on them than I am.

I doubt whether it makes any difference, although it might for boys who were breast fed by idiot mothers until they wer 7 or 8 years old.


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Breasts are like toy trains. They’re supposed to be for children but it’s grown men who most want to play with them.

Mammary glands exist for the reason you cite.

But a breast is a lot more than just the mammary gland and it’s a lot bigger than needed to fulfill the milk-producing function. You don’t see any other primates with enlarged breasts, and not many mammals of any type.

As for the OP’s question: I have a hard time believing that breast-feeding an infant will change their adult response towards breasts. They don’t remember it unless you’re one of those people who breast feeds for many years. If there was an effect, I would suggest some kind of correlation rather than causation. (For example, breast feeding is probably an indicator of a culture or a parenting style that would affect a kid throughout their upbringing.)

Still, if you get the funding, I’ll happily volunteer. :slight_smile:

Same here. I think it’s fair to say they have ruined my life.

But in a good way.

Obviously wrong.

There are thousands of species of mammals.
All have offspring that rely on milk to gain nourishment while in infancy.
Only one species has breasts.

I’m very surprised to learn that there’s been artificial milk since 1867.

Only if you call all the others udders. Are you seriously denying that other primates don’t have breasts?

How about this: their *shape *is the way it is in humans to attract men.

Other primates do not have breasts. Other species may have some degree of temporary swelling in the region of the nipples due to increase in glandular tissue, but that is not a breast.


I’ve seen it suggested that the shape of the breast makes it easier for us to breast-feed without making it very difficult for babies to breathe through their noses. I don’t know how well-supported that really is, but it seems plausible to me (a decided non-specialist). On the other hand, it doesn’t explain why breasts only appear at sexual maturity.

According to Wikipedia, humans are the only primates who retain breasts before/after pregnancy. they still have (or can have) breasts.

I found the suggestion of its secondary sexual characteristics interesting:

So basically, women grow a butt on their chests because of this whole straightened spine, upright walking thing.

Ladies, you’re welcome.