Breast Implants for Graduation Gift?

I just read a quick headline that states that breast implants are becoming a popular graduation gift for girls.

Would you buy implants for your daughter? Why or why not?

I don’t think any amount of begging would get me to buy boobs for my kid. I think it sends the shallowest of messages. I’d hate for my child to want them so badly that they’d actually ask their own parents for them!


umm, cite? :dubious:

Well, I figure if somebody wants bigger boobs that’s fine. I don’t know that I’d buy them for a daughter, but if I were dating someone and her parents bought her some, I probably wouldn’t complain.

Basically, from the perspective of your daughter being your daughter it doesn’t seem to make sense, but I think from the perspective of your daughter being a woman it does.

What kind of woman your daughter becomes after she graduates isn’t really up to the parents, and if some of the girls I know are typical, the size of her breasts may be the only thing you have control over :wink:

That doesn’t you’d have to buy them of course, but for big ticket money tossing purchases you can give a girl, larger breasts may be a good option if that’s what she really wants. You can always mention that for the same price she can get a corvette of course…


Does this subject really require the snarky smilie because I didn’t post a cite? I swear! I wasn’t making it up!

“Breast Implants: For when you want to send the message she won’t make it far in the world without big tits.”

:smiley: I wanted to clarify though that it’s different if the girl wants them. I wouldn’t offer them to somebody if they hadn’t asked!

It happened to a student at my wife’s school. One of formal students got boobies as a gift.

Her boyfriend paid for one.

Who paid for the other?

Her father!

You can be ill now.

She currently has a website to show off her new, uh, assets. They’ve gotten her several modelling jobs, though.


FORMER, not “formal”.

Back to Coding 101 for me.

I’m not a parent, but if I were, NO! It seems like it’s sending the wrong message about body image and self acceptance. The parents in that article talk about how it’s good for their “self esteem”, but come on. I know it’s hard to believe, but it IS possible for a woman to have self esteem and confidence even with small boobs!

Well, I guess I’ll be the first…

Sure, I’d buy breast implants for my daughter. After all, she’s an adult and it’s her car. Of course, those plastic bags of silicone would look really silly hanging from her mirror…

Yeah, I know. I was just trying to compose the Hallmark card to go along with the gift. :wink:

I’ve heard the story, since it’s been picked up by every comedian, radio talk show host, and TV commentator in the country.

Obviously, it’s a ridiculous idea, and IF it’s a genuine trend, I find it sickening. But… somehow, I’m not convinced there’s a real trend. I suspect this is just one of those stories that gets overblown for a few weeks, and that somewhere down the road, after the story has died down, we’ll see stats showing that there really HASN’T been any great increase in 18 year old girls getting implants, let alone having their parents pay for them as a graduation gift.

I mean, remember how worked up people got a few years ago, when some feminist group claimed that huge numbers of women were battered on Super Bowl Sunday? For all the press that story got, it still turned out to be insubstantial. My hunch is, this story is, too.

Here’s an interesting link on that.

Hrm. Definitely out of the question for a mere high school graduation. You’re not done growing for another few years.

For college graduation? Maaaaaaaaaybe.

It depends, though. Is she fully grown and proportionate? Then no.

I had a friend in high school who, as a child, had to have half a lung removed. The result was one A cup breast and one D. Her (very strange) mother declared “we’ll just have the other one reduced.”

This girl was 6’1" and large framed. WTF?

So if my daughter was fully grown and ended up looking really strange because her breasts weren’t in proportion to her body, then maybe, if it was screwing with her self image. To me it would be akin to having a really bad nose or something.

That said, if she were “normal” in size, then no. I’d rather buy her a new car for producing a Bachelor’s, not new boobs.

For my high school graduation, my parents gave me … four years paid tuition at the post-secondary institution of my choice. That rang in at pretty darn close to $40,000 CDN. At that time (1989) that would have been one hot car. Even now, it is the downpayment on a townhouse in most urban areas. :smiley:

For my university graduation, they came to see me graduate with my peers, and took a number of us out to dinner to celebrate my “university family,” who had made my stay in a province three time-zones away from my family into something a great deal better than the torture I was expecting. That is a memory I will cherish for the rest of my life: sitting around a restaurant table with many of my dorm friends and my parents, telling our stories again one last time. My dad was back at school full-time, and my mom was supporting him and my younger brother, who was about to start university too. Resources were very strained, and still, they took us all out for this great dinner.

I’m just glad to say, “thanks for the memories,” not “thanks for the mammories.” :rolleyes:

Breast implants would be a perfectly fine gift for a college graduation. Hell, that would be pretty damn neat! But for high school, definitely a resounding no. Not only is an 18 year old girl’s body possibly not done growing yet, but it is highly doubtful that she has researched all the cosmetic and health risks, the different procedures and materials, which doctors are the most reputable, etc. It’s highly likely that all the girl is thinking is “I’m an adult now, and I need my rack to be huge, NOW!!”

I am, in fact, an eighteen year old girl who is graduating from high school in two days. I’ve been thinking seriously about breast implants for a couple years now - nothing major, just from a large C to a D - and I do a lot of research and reading up on the operation. My plan is to wait until my 20th birthday - if I still want them when I’m 20, I’ll start saving money each month and for my 22nd birthday go out and buy me the highest quality damn tits my money can buy. That will have been six years from the time I first wanted implants to the time I actually get the procedure. A long wait, sure, but it will be worth it to know that my decision was a well thought-out one and that I didn’t rush into anything.

I’m doing a similar thing with tattoos; I’ve had a design in mind for years now, and plan on getting started on my sleeves next year.

Kind of got off subject there is, but my main point is: No eighteen year old really needs breast implants. We have a lot of living in front of us and we have yet to mature in a lot of ways. When it comes to permanent cosmetic changes to your body, there really is no such thing as waiting too long to make a decision.

Buy the girl a nice car instead. I know I wouldn’t turn one down.

And funnily enough, my parents are paying for me to be more attractive as a graduation present, too: they’ve agreed to get me a membership to the gym of my choice (Yes, I requested it). :smiley:

A girl at my high school (the President of the graduating class before me, and head cheerleader to boot) didn’t just get a boob job when she graduated. She got one at the beginning of tenth grade as well.

Mom and Dad were retarded.

Speaking as a former rather…um…large busted gal (no, I won’t place numbers and the numerous letters which came afterwards to indicate the size my bust was at one point), who had a breast reduction several years ago, I must say that my self esteem increased when my breasts decreased to managable size.

Big breasts are really cool when you want to do something like hang out in a bikini, but for everyday life (like sleeping, exercising, walking down stairs, showering, cooking, hefting babies on you hip, etc.) they’re horrible. Try strapping two cinderblocks to your chest and see how comfy it is.

Giving my daughters breast implants for high school graduation? Get real. Geesh, I gave them earrings…