Breast Reduction Surgery- For weaklings?

Okay, I’ve read a handful or articles and talked to a few ladies who want breast reduction surgery or have gone through it… Most of their reasons are the same… to relieve the pain and strain that larger breasts put on their body.

My question is how come some women don’t seem to have as much problems as others. Is it just the way their bodies are built? Some woman just genetically are better suite for larger mammories?

Mostly I just wanted to start this conversation because I find the subject humorous.


I remember meeting a girl who was somewhat fat, and said she previously had large breasts which gave her trouble.

The doctors told her she could have two ribs removed (wow!), have her breasts reduced, or lose weight.

Instead of doing it the natural way, she chose the breast-reduction method.

i had a breast reduction when i was 21. i wasnt over weight at all, so it wasnt a fat issue. it was a medical issue. and not it wasnt being a wimp, it was avoiding a wheelchair.

at 13 i had a spine injury, at 14 i firmly hit puberty and i got breasts, that didnt stop growing, by 15 i was a 32 triple E. the size and strain of them combinded with the the back injury resulted in some serious pain. back braces and times when it was to painful to walk where the order of the day.

but still i waited until i was 21, and my breasts had, as far as the doctors were concerned, stopped growing. then and only then i went from a triple E to a D… hardly small. but managable.

this wasnt meant to be a sob story,… no really. but being labeled a wimp because i kinda felt having a compacted spine by the age of 30 wasnt for me, is stupid.

No experience with reduction here. I’ve heard it’s horribly painful though :frowning:

Let’s not spread hearsay now.

Twenty years ago my now-wife (I knew her then, too) had reduction surgery. She’s 5 feet tall, not overweight, 38 DD at the time. Came down to a C cup, vast improvement. Other than the basic discomfort one would expect from surgery, not ‘horribly painful’.

Her real surprise came afterwards. A routine follow-up chest x-ray revealed a tumor in her chest cavity. More surgery was scheduled, the (benign) tumor was removed. Had she never had the reduction, she’d be carrying the tumor today.

this i think is the thing thats vastly individual, and it also depends on where you had it done.

when i had it it was just mildly annoying pain, 4 days in the hospitial with them giving me nothing about headache tablets when i asked for them.

my former boss on the other hand spent those 4 days up to her eyeballs in morphine from the pain.