breast weight

How much does the smallest bra-able breasts weigh? (avg.) How much weight do you add per cup growth? band growth?

I really couldn’t tell you - I’ve never weighed either of my boobs.

Any Dopettes weigh their breasteses?


I’m not sure what the “smallest” weight would be, but when my kid sister had her reduction she went from EE to a C and they removed nearly five pounds of flesh. :eek:

Female breasts are pretty much just fat tissue, right? We’ve had a prior discussion on weight vs. volume of fat, so you can calculate the weights yourself once you know the volumes of each cup size. However, as I understand it, cup sizing varies quite a bit from bra maker to bra maker, so you’ll have to deal with that issue first – or just follow Cecil straight to Victoria’s Secret.

Warning: Wild-Ass Handwaving Argument follows.

I believe the volume difference between consecutive cup sizes increases with the size involved. The information I’ve been looking at implies that most breast implants are between 300 and 700 ml; the smallest sizes (~200ml?) will probably take you up half a cup size, and the largest (well over a liter) will take you up several. I’m guessing that around 400ml is about the size of an A-cup, and that amount of fat weighs about 300g or so. The A to B increase is probably larger, around 350g; the B to C about 400g; the C to D about 450g; D to DD about 550g; DD to E about 650g; E to EE about 750g. This would correspond pretty well to Belladonna’s post, removing five pounds to reduce an EE to a C.

Umm, what about the weight of the mammary gland tissue? Isn’t that more dense, and therefore heavier, than fat? Also, the ratio of mammary gland to fat varies among breasts of the same size. Some women (those who have large chests even when thin) have a lot more gland than others. So wouldn’t their breasts be heavier?

Last time I weighed mine they were 15 lbs. each. They have grown since.


I mean, er, what size were you? That’s what I meant, really…

This link will give you the equations for the displacement calculations.

Pontoons: how big to make them?

Check out the link in my .sig; Cecil himself was caught off guard by them.

I won a radio contest by guessing the weight of a porn star’s breasts. They looked like a C-D cup, and the total weight of both was 9.6 lbs.

And what cup size was that, Lee? My estimate comes up with about 17 pounds each for an H cup, which I think is pretty good.

Wouldn’t 400 ml of water weigh 400g, more than the 300g you speculate? Isn’t that the definition of gram or milliliter, or something stupid and metric like that, that a ml of water weighs one gram? Wouldn’t the implant be denser than water? Perhaps that’s an issue with implants. If the implant substance is denser than the water-based tissue that usually inhabits the breast, I guess it would weigh more.

Hmmmm…interesting (and stimulating) thought either way :wink:

Natural breasts are mostly fat, which weighs less than water. I don’t know about implants, but I would imagine that they’d be made of material of similar density to the real stuff.

Modern implants are filled with saline, which is slightly more dense than water. Silicone implants contain medium-to-high-viscosity dimethicone, which is slightly less dense than water. The difference in each case is no more than a few percent.

In either case, we’re estimating the weight of breast tissue, and the weight of the implant is wholly irrelevant.

Mine are natural. They float. Built in life jacket. Cup size now is I, but they have grown a bit since I weighed them. My gf’s are B cups and I’d guess they weigh a pound each.