Breathing Through N95 Mask

The maintenance man where I work, managed to get me a mask. I live about 10 blocks or so from work, so I walk, sometimes I take buses elsewhere.

So I was very grateful. Today I put it on for the first time. It fits me very well, but I can barely breathe out of it.

I feel like I’m hyperventilating. People tell me you have to get use to it, but I feel like I am suffocating.

Anyone else experience this?

I wore one for 3-4 hours last week, and it was fine. As far as effort to breathe, it was tight through my nose, but not a problem through my mouth. I didn’t notice it making me feel weird. It was more effort to resist the urge to touch it. After awhile I did get used to it, and that urge passed.

I only had to walk about two blocks, and then another two blocks later, but most of the time I was sitting in a chair. The biggest problem for me is that it compressed my nose enough to make nose breathing feel restrictive. So, I was mostly a mouth breather in my mask. I did adjust the mask for a few minutes in the car (I didn’t touch it once I was in the dirty zone), to find a position that was still sealed, but not completely squashing my nose. Anyway, yeah, it was uncomfortable, but I did get used to it.


But also, you need to check: some masks are supplied with the filters sealed: you have to unpack them before the mask is used. And sometimes when the filters are replaced, they aren’t replaced correctly and you can’t breath through them.

I find it helps to be conscious of your respiration and remain calm. Avoid speaking.

Mask don’t go well with glasses as you can’t wear either over the other. I tried and every time I’d exhale my lenses would fog. Also when I took it off the rubber bands had driven the frame into the bridge of my nose so badly it (my nose) hurt for the rest of the day.