Brent Spiner to join Enterprise? (spoilers likely)

No, not as Data. :slight_smile: According to, he’ll be be in three episodes as Arik Soong, Noonian’s great-uncle or something. Arik is something of a 22[sup]nd[/sup] Century Frankenstein, a fugitive genetic engineer and a veteran of Khan’s Eugenic Wars. We will see Orions

in the season premiere and, yes, the green-skinned slave girls as well.

Ya know, if they really wanted to whore Spiner for ratings, then why don’t they just go all out and have him play Data.

Or even Lore.

Didn’t anyone on the writing staff read Asimov? It’d fit right in with their wholesale abuse of time travel as well.

Here’s how:

  • Data, being an android… with a positronic brain no less… is immortal. So if he hangs around long enough, he will eventually encounter a means of time travel.

  • Time travelling Data decides to travel back to pre-Warp Earth, to discover it embroiled in global war. Being an android, he has to go undercover. Probably as a Chinese ambassador or something to explain his bizzare behavior and appearance.

  • Data gets wind of strange goings on, a Reptilian alien SS Officer and a german POW who sounds quite out of place.

  • Archer and Data gallavant around 20th century Europe before being rescued by Archer’s time travelling crew via solar whiplash in the Enterprise’s shuttlepod.

Sounds horrible, eh?

Well, then it’s ready for production!

Well, the end of Nemesis showed that he was not indeed indestructible. That said, if Kirk & Co. figured out time travel in ST IV, Data could very well time travel, though I’d think if he did, it’d be included in a TNG storyline, either TV or movies.

I already knew that he and Shatner were rumored to guest star on the show and have come to accept it even though I hate it but when I saw the title of this thread, I thought you were posting to say he was going to pull a Dorn and actually join the cast, almost causing me to have an aneurysm.

You’re now on my short list and sto’vo’kohr hath no fury like a Trekkie scorned.

Or something.


Michael Dorn is in the cast for Enterprise!?!?

No. I was referring to him reprising his role of Worf on DS9 after TNG.

Man, I know you like TOS and all, but I didn’t think you were that out of it.

Well, it’s what happens with old age.

And a double dumb-ass on you!

Meh, I didn’t have a problem with Dorn’s “transfer” to DS9, insofar as it helped springboard some of the Klingon-based episodes that were part of that whole Dominion War story arc.

I was a little put off the contrived ways they sneaked him back onto the Enterprise-E for the later TNG movies, though, where the Dominian War didn’t seem to be happening at all (hey, let’s go help the ugly aliens push around the hot immortal aliens! Yeah, that’s a good use for our time in the middle of a freakin’ war!)

Oh, don’t get me wrong… I liked Worf on DS9 and actually enjoyed him more on it than I did on TNG. He seemed a more natural fit and wasn’t a one-dimensional character either.

That doesn’t mean I want to see it happen again though. Especially in a show set a hundred years before TOS and two before TNG/DS9/VOY.

…and yes! I *HATED *that they kept sneaking him back for all the later movies. He’s a freakin’ DS9 character now… leave him be! I especially loathed Nemesis for having him back in uniform when he was the friggin’ Klingon Ambassador to the Federation and now resides on Qo’nos! I can accept him being there for the wedding but not as an officer.


RE any griping about Brent Spiner & William Shatner on ENTERPRISE…

the reason you’re griping is you know you’ll watch those. Heck, I will & I’ve never had any desire to watch ENTERPRISE till I read this.

Um, yeah. I watch every episode so it’s likely I’ll watch any episode they’re in too.

I’m not getting your point.

I’m pretty sure he ditched the uniform for the second ceremony on Betazed…

Supposedly, there is a deleted scene in Nemesis in which they establish that Worf has given up on being an ambassador and has returned to the Enterprise full-time.

And really, what were they smoking when they decided that Worf was diplomat material?

It’s not on the DVD, thankfully. Tranferring him back to the Enterprise after putting him to DS9, the Defiant, and then Qo’nos would be as stupid as … well, having him in *Insurrection *and Nemesis.

Sigh. I hate Bermaga.

Blame UPN. I went with my first thought after hearing one of the “Brent Spiner is coming to Enterprise” promos.

Maybe its BS, but supposedly Spiner is a big fan of the show (ST:ENT that is). He even joked when asked about it by a journalist that he collects all the action figures and re-enacts scenes every week!