Brexit: UK still going to be member of Council of Europe/European Court of Human Rights?

Am I correct in thinking that the UK’s withdrawal from the EU doesn’t affect its membership in the Council of Europe, ratification of the European Convention on Human Rights, and jurisdiction of the European Court of Human Rights?

I’ve read the Brexit 50 letter that PM May sent to President Tusk, and it doesn’t mention those things, which I understand are all separate from membership in the EU?

Yes, it does not affect them. Britain is a member of the Council of Europe and the ECHR separately from its membership of the EU.

Once Brexit is a done deal, the ECHR is next on the list (allegedly)

People are talking about taking evictions of EU residents from the UK to ECHR.

When Teresa May was but a simple Home Secretary, she used to muse out loud about taking the UK out of the European Convention of Human Rights. Then came the Brexit vote and David Cameron’s resignation, and when Teresa blushingly put her name forward as a possible new PM she abandoned the idea, saying that there was no Parliamentary will to make the move. Presumably she felt that if elected PM she’d have enough on her plate implementing Brexit without doing the ECHR thing as well. She might also have felt that being commited to leaving the ECHR as well as the EU would’t stand to her in the leadership election.

But recently it has been reported that she wants to make a commitment to withdraw from the ECHR an element of the Tories’ manifesto for the 2020 general election.

Thanks for the info, everyone. So it’s a “stay-tuned” kind of thing.

As with so much in politics and especially now.

Unlike some political leaders, our PM is pretty careful to only put forward policies that have a good chance of success. She can be easily fired if she fails to carry the House.