Bricker is a Pile of Shit Sculpted into Human Shape

He had already used night soil, though. I would have gone with soliciturd, myself.

Yeah, but 1000% multiplied by zero equals…

Now, this is simply foolish!

Coral reefs grow almost exclusively in warm, shallow water. How do you care to explain how a ship hits an iceberg in that type of area? Makes no sense unless it struck the berg far to the north, swamped then drifted hundreds or thousands of miles before finally succumbing to the briny depths of Davey Jones Locker.

I’m not buying it, Dude!

Not to mention that in the real world outside Right Wing/Russian trolling the coral reefs are being bleached out of existence anyway. Sad.

You’re not factoring in centuries of global warming.

Iceberg, Greenberg… what’s the diffrence?

Yeah, that.

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Hahahaha. Which word(s) are you having trouble understanding? “Feature”? “Thomas confirmation hearings”?

Are polygraphs permitted as evidence during a petit trial?

Dick-tay-to, dick-tah-to.

Only one of them has a law degree from Yeshiva and a thriving practice in the Upper East Side.

How could you possibly know Bricker’s shape? You may want to close the shades, solicitor, it appears that someone may be peeking…

Wait, I’m confused. Am I still a racist for thinking Anita Hill was telling the truth, if I also think Clinton’s accusers were telling the truth? And Trump’s accusers, for that matter.

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There are actually coral reefs near Norway. One can find interesting info on them by googling “Fugløy reefs”

A quote from the abstract of the article “The Fugløy Reef at 70°N; acoustic signature, geologic, geomorphologic and oceanographic setting” Lindberg, B., Berndt, C. & Mienert, J. Int J Earth Sci (Geol Rundsch) (2007) 96: 201. doi:10.1007/s00531-005-0495-y

“With a height of more than 40 m some of the Fugløy reefs are among the highest reported from the Norwegian Margin. This indicates highly favourable growth conditions, and conservative estimates indicate a net growth rate for the reefs of ~5 mm/year. We expect that cold-water reefs will be found further north along the Barents Sea”

Just sayin.

I never understand why so many Dopers have such a problem with a two-word sig. What’s so aggravating about it?

You mean beside the fact that he has openly stated that “Regards” can be equated to “Fuck off?”

You know, that used to annoy me too. After a while though you don’t even notice it. And in any case if it’s the price one must pay for Shodan’s comments it’s well worth it. The great majority of his posts are incisive and interesting.

As for Bricker, I already gave in the other thread. He’s the real thing.

He’s the pause that refreshes!

Bricker will periodically lapse into disingenuity, and for extended periods will feign stupidity.

Shodan will periodically just let his stupidity out for all to see.

Frankly, I don’t even see it anymore. Same with anyone with a signature on every post.