Bridal Shower Games - Any Good Ideas?

Doing the bridal shower this weekend - does anyone have any bridal shower games that are actually fun and entertaining, and not completely, embarrassingly lame? Or is completely, embarrassingly lame part of the fun? I’m looking up bridal shower games on Google, and damn, they seem stupid.

I picked the wrong decade to quit drinking. :frowning:

Gift Bingo–OK, I heard of this idea for a baby shower, but I don’t know why it wouldn’t work for a bridal shower.

Give everyone an empty bingo card and a pen or pencil. Have them write down items that might be given as gifts at the shower. Then, as the gifts are opened, every crosses off items that are in fact recieved. First person to fill a row/column/whole square(or closed to filled square) and as many more as you feel like handing out prizes.

(In answer to your other question–it depends on the people. Some people find embarassing, lame games enjoyable, other people don’t. If you are the hostess, and I assume your sister whom you love dearly but complain muchly about (NOT that I blame you) is the bride, you get to decide whether stupid, embarassing, lame games are going to take place.)

Large picture of the bride-to-be. Large picture of Ron Jeremy. Blindfold participants, one at a time, and pin the Pornstar on the Bride. :smiley:

The only bridal shower party game I know is that after everyone gives the bride lingerie, and they all try it on for a fashion show, the pizza delivery guy

wait that’s from porn


OK for real, get many photos of the bride from her life and number them. Have the people put them in chronological order. You’d be surprised how often the mother, nor the bride herself, does not win.

At a recent bridal shower, they divided the room into teams, then passed around a few cheap, very obscure items from Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and had the two teams guess what the items were. The brown sugar bear stumped everybody, but I got the avocado slicer, and someone else guessed the pasta portion sizer.

But shower games are all stupid. I hate showers. (When I got married, my good friends from college and I got together and ate dinner, with very little present involvement. They called it my Bath. It was perfect.)

I was trying to find the rules to this game:

Give each guest a piece of paper and a marker. Have them put the paper on the floor in front of them. Let them then try to bend over and trace their right hand on the paper. However, they must do this without bending their knees at all! While everyone is attempting to do this, have one person record on a piece of paper what everyone is saying while they are trying to do this. Once everyone is done, announce "This is what (bride's name) is going to say on her wedding night." Then read all of the responses. Some of the responses might include:

    * "No way."
    * "This really hurts."
    * "This is easier than I thought it would be."
    * "I can almost reach it."

But also found the rules to this one, which sounds fun (YMMV, of course!).

Write 25 romantic or sexy words on index cards, such as throbbing, lips, passion, candlelight, roses, chocolate, and so on. On another 25 index cards write some non-romantic images, such as ironing board, wallpaper paste, bikini wax, nose hair, motor oil, and so on. Stack the two piles separately, and distribute paper and pencil. Have each player draw a card from each pile. When everyone has 2 cards, ask them to write a silly love poem using the two words or phrases they have drawn. For example: “Roses are red, they make me hot! Your eyes are sexy, your nose hairs are not!” Have them read their poems aloud one at a time.

I’d play along at a shower given by freckafree. :slight_smile:

Well, I’m kinda lame-o, but I find Toilet Paper Wedding Dresses to be sort of fun.

Split into teams, give each team a couple of rolls of TP to wind around a team member into a wedding dress. Judge and have goofy prizes for best “dress”.

I find it fun. But, I am totally square.

We did one where we contacted the groom with a series of questions (first met, first date, first kiss, favorite whatever, dream vacation, dream house location, want kids/how many, etc).

Then each guest guesses how many the bride will get right (1/20, 10/20, 19/20). Then the bride has to answer the questions out loud.

I threw a mostly game free wedding shower last spring that went over well. As guests arrived, I had them write down memories of the bride and groom on a note card. Once everyone was there, the memories were read out loud and the bride had to guess who wrote them. We stumped her by having family members who weren’t present e-mail memories ahead of time. The activity worked well for breaking the ice.

Next, she opened the presents and I discreetly wrote down what she said as she opened them. At the end of the party, the comments were read out loud and, in a similar vein as freckafree’s game, the comments were meant to be predictions of what she would say on her wedding night. The best was, “I don’t want to wait 'til I’m married to use this!” Considering the fact that she already had a house with her fiancee, the comment was appropriate.

After presents, I handed out squares of fabric that were about one foot by one foot. I made available puff paint, fabric markers, and sequins. Each guest was asked to decorate a quilt square for the couple. After the shower, I sewed them into a simple quilt that was presented at the rehearsal dinner. The quilt isn’t one that will ever be used, but is something the bride treasures. The squares’ decorations ranged from pieces of advice, to memories, to stick figures of a bride and groom.

Food was available through out the entire event and, in lieu of the prizes that could have been won by playing traditional bridal shower games, each guest was sent home with a pretty mug filled with either coffee beans or tea. Nobody seemed upset that they didn’t win any dollar store picture frames and several people commented that they were thankful that they didn’t have to model toilet paper dresses.

In the novelty section of the local lingerie and toy store, there’s a game called “Pin the Cock on Jock”

Not a game, really, but an activity – at my bridal shower, the hostess passed around pieces of paper with several areas on them (cleaning, laundry, household repairs, fighting, etc.) and asked the guests to write their advice for me on the papers. Then they went around the room on each category and the guests read their responses. Some of the responses were genuinely helpful (cleaning tips), some were funny (“Put all colors of laundry in one load. Use hot water. This not only makes laundry easier to do, but makes matching clothing in the morning a cinch, since all shades of grey match.”), and some were both. I got to keep the papers. I recently read them over and laughed again, and thought warm thoughts about the people that wrote them.

Might not be quite what you’re looking for, but I liked it a lot.

How many margaritas can we slurp down without throwing up?
This one is really fun.
Until we start throwing up.

My suggestion was going to be “guess what liquor’s in the punch”, but yours works too. :cool:

Oh oh. I went shopping this afternoon. :smiley:

(What can I say? I love dollar stores! I’ll keep all that crap for myself if we don’t play many games, happily!)

“What liquor’s in the punch?” “How many margaritas can we keep down?” I like the way you gals think. Put a bunch of fine white powders in baggies - guess which one is the illegal substance!

I have a really bad one.
At my wife’s bridal shower her aunt played the game where you guess her waist size and then they measure it and the closest person wins.
Why is that really bad? Well other then the fact that it’s a baby shower game, she was anorexic at the time. I mean how stupid do you have to be to play a game that involves anything related to the size or weight of someone with an eating disorder.

A goofy, but fun, game we played at my sister’s shower (I can’t complain since I threw the shower and planned the games!) was this:

Each player is given a sealed envelope with a blank 3x5 card inside. They write their names on the envelope. Then, at the signal, everyone has 10 seconds to open the envelope and tear the card into the shape of a wedding cake. When time is called, they put the “cake” back into the envelope and pass them to the hostess, who inspects each one and then award the prize based on…

how neatly the envelope was opened.

Corny, yep. But it got a lot of laughs!