Brigade homeland tour: Does it mean anything?

Picked up from a libertarian blogger who’s scared that this is a feeler to skirt posse comitatus or something of that nature.

Can anyone fill me in on what, if anything, this really means?

WOW…this is serious stuff…Can this really be happening in modern America?

Maybe it really is time to stock up supplies for your underground survival bunker.

And while your down there inside the bunker, read the scary details in the linked article, :

And even worse than that, these soldiers aren’t just being mobilized–they are being given special training!!

Man, I love it when libertarians get paranoid. :slight_smile:
Maybe your friendly blogger would calm down if he actually knew a few people in uniform.
Gee, suppose he actually enlisted in that brigade himself? Look what he would be mobilized to do:

But I suppose that being ordered by his commanding officer to use the ‘jaws of life’ and a chainsaw to rescue his fellow citizens might just be a violation of his libertarian creed; so he should be able to escape from army service on the grounds that he’s a consciencious objector.