Brigadoon is just creepy as hell

I hadn’t seen it in years, but I rewatched it last night and…ew.

  1. In ~1750, some crazy-assed Scots minister asks “God” to separate Brigadoon from the rest of the world to protect it from evil (like…steam engines and emancipation and vaccinations and such, one presumes). It vanishes away into the highlands mist and only reappears one day in 100 years.

  2. The nature of the “blessing” is that if anyone ever leaves Brigadoon for any reason, the entire town will evaporate into mist, forever.

  3. By 1950, the town is waking up to it’s second morning after the “blessing”. 200 years have passed. Every morning the Brigadooners have is one more century the Brigdooners are further removed from the real world—cults have a word for this that I can’t remember. The point is that maaaaybe someone from 1750 could adjust…sorta…to 1950, but give them a week or two more and it becomes hopeless. They’ll never adapt.

  4. Some guy, after getting dumped and seeing his True Love (hey–it’s a musical. True Love is a thing) get married to someone else says “Y’know what? I don’t want to live here any more. Nobody even asked me in the first place” and decides to leave. He’s killed. The [del]cultist’s[/del] town’s reaction? “It was clear/God’s own hand/and we all/should be grateful and glad about it.”.

and finally

  1. Turns out that people can come into Brigadoon without upsetting the “blessing” if they love someone in the town, but they can never leave after. So you can get in, but never get out?

How is this NOT Lovecraftian?

Thank you! I thought I was the only one who was totally creeped out by this story. I worked on a production once and all the talk in pre-production was the romance, but after watching the show for 8 performances a week for several weeks… It’s a show about a guy getting sucked into a doomsday cult.

It’s not romantic, it’s a tragedy.

Well it’s a lot less creepy than the other musical we had to play in high-school orchestra, 7 Brides for 7 Brothers. Mass kidnappings inspired by Roman rapists= happily ever after.

Sounds like someone ripped off Hotel California. Too Henleyan. :stuck_out_tongue:

Another disturbing factor about Brigadoon is how okay the villagers are with the situation. You’d think finding out your town has been locked off from the rest of the world by a magic spell would be a terrifying experience. And you have to remember it hasn’t been two hundred years for the villagers; from their point of view, this all happened the day before yesterday.

I feel the same way about the plot. Wonderful songs, though. “The Heather on the Hill”, “Go Home to Bonnie Jean”, etc.

I’ve enjoyed the movie . . . but only for the music, singing and extraordinary dancing of Gene Kelly and Cyd Charisse. There’s a plot? Never noticed.

Nicely put.

A few more points:

  1. Whatever kind of evil power has possessed Tommy, it fucks up his personal life pretty badly. When he gets back to NYC, every time his fiancee (who seems to be a decent person from the 5 minutes we see of her) tries to talk to him, he’s not allowed to hear her, the Brigadoon chick’s spell drowns everything out. He eventually ignores his fiancee out of his life. I don’t know who that crazy minister was praying to, but breaking up engagements? Not really God’s thing. Maybe Cthulhu?

  2. What happens to the buddy (Jeff) at the end of the musical? He’s clearly facing homicide charges. “Your honor—Tommy went out into the woods with Jeff and only Jeff came back.”

Eh…for me, Seven Brides works as a story because you have whatshername–Adams’s wife standing in for the audience, screaming “YOU DID WHAT??”, locking the brothers out of the house for the entire winter and making sure that nothing that would damage a “G” rating in a movie would happen.

Yeah, the girls fall in love with their kidnappers, but you can’t even attribute that to Stockholm Syndrome since the wife limits contact so much.

And the short story it’s based on (by the guy who wrote “The Devil and Dan Webster”)! is funny

“Them Sob-bin Wimmen” is still one of the most Un-PC song ever.

God, I hate everything nowadays having to be PC by our standards. Sure, what the brothers ended up doing was wrong, but they eventually acknowledged, with th input of Milly, that they had to make up for it and return the girls to their family.

It was a great show. And Howard Keel was hot! fans self off Even when he got old enough to court Miss Ellie on Dallas he still looked good.

And who cares about a little 3 month kidnapping as long as you grow as a person from committing it?