Brilliant Coronavirus Mask Explanations

Many of these diagrams explaining why and how to wear a mask are genius and/or hilarious. Wish I could post my favourites but will link instead.

In particular see numbers: 29, 31, 34, 37, 45.

Some of the others are funny but some are just random.

That lying down watching a device on it’s side?

I’ve been doing that for ages, and thought it was only me!
(It’s hard to watch things when reclining, if you’re a side sleeper!)

It works brilliantly, but requires the right stand if it’s an Ipad not a laptop!

#23 implies the risk of transmission is 90% if an unmasked carrier sneezes in the face of an unmasked person and 1.5% if a masked carrier talks to a masked person. The numbers seem high but plausible - I wonder how accurate they are.

#28, the Trump smoke detector, is my favorite.