Brilliantly written [Mona Lisa]

Just wanna say that this article on Mona Lisa is very well written. Congrats on its success!!


This post has been ungraped by the ungrapist.

You have something against purple prose?

Incidentally, I assume the OP is referring to this article.

It is well-written and informative.

I think that is an important observation.

Welcome to the Straight Dope Message Boards, Megs11, glad to have you with us. I’m especially glad to have you here, when you start a thread with praise of a Staff Report that I wrote! Thanks!! Glad you enjoyed it. And thanks, as well, Irishman.

I think there may be another factor with regard to the Mona Lisa, which is that there simply aren’t very many of his paintings around. What with his engineering and design work, investigations into the natural sciences, and sculpting there wasn’t much time left to produce paintings. Of the ones he did produce, many soon disintegrated or discolored due to what Wikipedia calls “disastrous experimentation with new techniques” (Right, Leo, let’s try doing a fresco on solidified plaster. That worked out great, didn’t it?)

By contrast, with an artist like Rembrandt who just painted, painted, and painted, there are scores of his works in museums all around the world.

Even so, having seen works by both artist in person Rembrandt was a far superior painter.

Very nice work on the piece, Dex.

I wonder if the grapist had any idea of the endurance his legacy would have.

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I hadn’t seen this Staff Report before - well done, Dex! Probably one of the best I’ve ever read.

And BTW, fans of the painting will definitely want to read the heartbreaking 1963 Ray Bradbury short story “The Smile.”

It is good, Dex. You keep the interest throughout what is actually a lot longer than it seems. And you pack more information in there then I would’ve thought possible in a Staff Report.

Bumped, because Dex’s fine Staff Report is back on the front page.

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I agree that this is an excellent piece of research and writing. The best one I have seen, however, is “Who wrote the bible”, by Dex and Eutychus.