Bring back the sweatshops? [short fiction]

Back when I was last active on the SDMB, we would occasionally do Poetry or Flash Fiction sweatshops. There would be a few randomly chose words, and anyone who wanted could get the words and complete their creative work within a given time frame. Then, once they were all done, we could vote on which was the best. We all get to read some pretty decent work, and creative people like me get to create and share with others.

Would anyone be interested in resurrecting the sweatshops? They were previously run by Le Ministre de l’au-delà, but I would be willing to run at least the first couple, if there’s interest.

I remember those. They were a lot of fun. I’d be interested in the short story ones (I’m a lousy poet). But yes, I’d be interested in a resurrection of the sweatshops.

I’m game.

I dunno. I’ve admitted to myself that I don’t do fiction and the only poetry I’ve done that was remotely successful was purposely bad.

But I’ll try. Just don’t be surprised if I manage to weave the chosen words into a personal anecdote. :wink:

Is anyone else interested? If so, who prefers short fiction over poetry? (We can switch it up once in a while, too.)

Short fiction.

Either. I can do neither.

Me either. But I will try.:wink:

Short fiction.
I have to admit that I was not looking at this thread because it seemed that it was a request for clothing sweatshops outside or inside the USA to have less restrictions or regulations… :slight_smile:

That’s what I initially thought too, but I took a chance. Glad I did. Perhaps a mod might adjust the subject line?

Anyway, short fiction for me. As a two-time winner of the “PoeHenryParkerSaki” award, I say short fiction all the way. :smiley:

For those unfamiliar with what a “sweatshop” is, here’s a link to a past contest, where Le Ministre lays out the rules in the first post, and links to past contests (so you can peruse at your leisure):

For those who would like a shortcut, this is a link to an anthology thread, where Le Ministre posted the stories, and encouraged commentary on them:

I’ll sit this one out, but I’m interested to see how it plays out.
Edit: and for the record, I’d rather read short fiction than poetry, if I get a vote from the sidelines.

Edited title for clarity.

Well, I didn’t want to specify short fiction in the title… since I’m still feeling out whether to do short fiction or poetry.

Would people be game to start this weekend?

And there’s a link to a previous sweatshop in the OP.

Eh, I realize this weekend may be too short of notice.

I will start the first sweatshop next week Friday evening (3/20 - all times will be Central Time). To start, the writer sends an email to a given address, which will have an automatic reply containing 3 randomly chosen words. They must reply to that automatic reply with their entry within 2 hours. (It’s a sweatshop… work hard, work fast!) Since we’re doing flash fiction, the entries must be under 500 words, which is kind of on the long side for flash fiction. (I may do an uber sweatshop with one hour and 100 words in the future.)

All entries must be in my a certain time on Sunday (probably midday sometime). I will post them in a random order, without names, and users can vote on them until, say Monday afternoon. At that point, I will declare a winner and provide author names.

Does this sound like a good plan for next week?

If y’all do poetry at some point keep me in mind, those were a lot of fun. :slight_smile:

There’s no need to exclude poetry since all it is is a ruse to get us writing.

Oh, you said Flash fiction, which would be easier. My mistake. :o

I don’t mean to be dumb, what exactly is flash fiction? (No, I haven’t read the links yet)

Only incidentally like slash fiction.