Bring me the head of [...the man who designed CD cases]

The guy/gal who first introduced the concept of popups.

(If the mortuary schools ever get the idea of using CD-style shrink wrap on the dead, bodies will be preserved forever.)

Bring me the head of the demon who invented fragrance mailouts with department store bills! Lick the envelope to close it and have the taste of Ralph Lauren’s Polo in your mouth for hours!

The people who design gas pumps and ATMs. They should all work the same way, you should not have to take ten minutes to figure out where your card goes or which button is the cheap gas.

Thanks for this thread, it is a good one.

How about the ones who decided to put fragrance samples in magazines? A waiting room can become a bloody gas chamber for people who are allergic! I remember having an inner ear infection that made me unable to walk a straight line and had me throwing up from the dizziness and the doctor’s examining room had just one magazine, but it had perfume samples in it. I really had to work to keep from barfing right there on the floor, just from the overwhelming scent!

The same way you get the spine label in when you print your own CD inserts. The jewel case is made of three parts: the front (clear), the back (clear), and the inside (where the CD sits; usually opaque). The inside snaps into the back… just pull them apart.

Dublin City Council.

I have to differ with that. Kenny G or Michael Bolton would have to be WAY ahead of Tesh.

Come on, give it to me. You know I’m right on that one.

The people responsible for *Fear Factor *(Joe Rogan, this is your get out of jail free card. Go back and do sidekick work…),*The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, * American Idol, and Anna Nicole Smith’s career.

Why quibble? Load all three in the same car and point towards the nearest cliff.[sup]*[/sup]

My vote: Brian David “Emmanuel” Mitchell and his acolyte Wanda Barzee. On pikes.

[sub][sup]*[/sup]Not intended to condone actual beheading. I’m sure they’re very nice people in a non-musical way.[/sub]

Same pumps, same damn company, put the ‘regular’ button in different places.

Arrrgh! I hate those stupid things!Arrrrrgh!Arrrghh!I’m with ya on that one CS.
On the plus side…did everybody hear that those of us who signed up for the rebate on CDs is going to get a whopping $12.50 back?:slight_smile:


.Oh…also…I would like to see the idiots who own the Johnny Joe’s gas station down the road hung by their toenails. They have had a rash of drive-off-and-not-pay-for-gas incidents (mostly local yokel idiot teens,I’m assuming)so now they make you pay before you pump your gas.WTF?:dubious: How do I know exactly how much gas is gonna go in my car and the exact cost of it before I pump it?:confused: Yeah,their gas is cheaper but I’m sure as hell not gonna pay before I know how much I’m going to need.CG did this ONE time…just once and he bitched and moaned so much we are boycotting that gas station.I’d rather pay 0.20-.050 extra and go buy my gas from the 7-11 in town.


The inventor of karaoke. Death to him, or her. Death to people who can’t sing getting up in front of an audience and trying to sing. It didn’t sound good before and it doesn’t sound good with a karaoke machine.

Yep, Washte snapped her B&W CDRom because of one of those.

Pretty much every person mentioned in this article is a valid target. I’d like to add a death threat to the person who invented chain-link fences and the CEO of Hewlett-Packard.

Consider yourself lucky. Where I come from, we’ve had to pay ahead for YEARS. You just estimate how much gas you think you’ll need. For instance, if you own an SUV then a medium sized cloth bag with large bills will probably do. Then of course you have to go in for your change. At first it sucks but after awhile when you guess the exact amount it makes up for it. It’s like hitting the lottery. your walking on clouds for the rest of the day.

That thing where they move the cheap gas button around is a scam. Every once in awhile I instinctively hit the far left button thinking that it’s low-grade only for it to register a mili-second after that I just bought the equivelent of rocket feul.

Jack Chick.

Concerning CD cases: perhaps you might wish to consider the person who, in spite of their obvious drawbacks, decided to call them “jewel cases”. The packaging was invented by Philips and Sony, btw, who worked very hard to make it an industry standard.

Concerning popups: don’t be to hard on whoever invented the actual mechanism. It has a defensible utility. Like many UI features, the unfortunate truth is that a useful concept often winds up getting misused to annoy people, particularly when the guys who want to sell you something get into the act. Go ahead and shoot the advertising dweeb who realized they could do that. I’d be particularly annoyed these days if I were designing a website where I had a good useful reason to put up some ancillary information in another window, realizing that because of these idiots, my useful window wouldn’t get past a lot of “popup blockers”.

The people who run the radio station I’m cruelly forced to listen to at work, particularly because they run ads for Temptation Island and The Bachelorette* every fifteen minutes. Also, I have to listen to Shania Twain.

All the book designers who design books which fall apart on your first read. Planned obsolescence or plain stupidity?

Rooves–see that wouldn’t be so much of a problem,I suppose,if we ever paid in CASH. We never carry cash…always either the checkbook or the debit Master card. And we’ve learned from experience that it takes FOREVER (up to a month and a half in one case!)to get the stinking change put back onto the damned credit card.
Besides…there’s another reason we decided not to patronize Johnny Joe’s.The locals go there and the store sells fish bait,which causes the whole store to stink like rotting fish.Yuck.