Bring me the head of [...the man who designed CD cases]

Those bastards, a mere degree away from the horizontal and there’s a floor full of CD cases that, in the immediate past, were a pile of CD cases in my hand.

I want the head of the guy who must have said “I know - let’s make these things amazingly fucking slippery so that it’s impossible for any human being to carry them on top of each other. That would be fun”
Who’s head do you want?

The guy who invented shrink wrap.

The person who thought adding perfume to clothes-soap would be a good idea.

The inventors of decaffeinated coffee and mild cheddar cheese.

Abominatons in the sight of the Lord, I tell you.

Alfredo Garcia.

(Somebody was going to, sooner or later.)

The person who created the method for wrapping Movies on DVD’s and Music CD’s.

Are they trying to keep the damn things FRESH?

Good grief!!! First they’ve got the neatly wrapped little plastic “sleeve” layer.

And then, when one finally manages to get all that off (and it’s always in 200 tiny little shreds that you then have to pick up off the floor, your lap, the couch, etc), then, you have to try and strip that tape thingie which they apply to the side, top AND bottom.


Hey, I like mild Cheddar! (Yum! Longhorn!)

Now, the guy who invented the electric guitar…him I could happily meet in the ring for four rounds of moderate mayhem.


The ones who created low-fat cheese.

Willy the mailboy!

Actually… for me it would be the people who invented cheese whiz gag

John Tesh, but that’s just for the greater good of society and more of a policy than an emotion.

I do have a nice spot over the fireplace picked out for… damn, I need a bigger wall.

We shall start with Tesh, though.

And what about those fucking plastic tabs that hold the front and back of the CD case together? One of them (usually the top one) frequently breaks off. It has been thus since the CD format was introduced. Enough already. You can buy a new CD case, but you can’t buy just the front of a case, which is all that’s broken, and I’ve never figured out how to transfer the spine label to a new case. Grrrrrrrr.

My continuing gripe about CD cases is when the plastic teeth thingos inside, which hold the disc in place, crumble away. Just them. Everything else is just spiffy, ‘cept them. And then I have to go huntin’ around for a replacement “inner” so the CDs don’t slip and slide all over th’ damn place.


Oh, and I second Lobsang on th’ slippery bit.

Speaking of those hubs that hold the discs in place: for CDs there seems to be 3-4 types, but for DVDs! Sweet Zombie Jesus, where will the madness end? I’ve been buying DVDs for about two years now and have seen more hub designs than you shake a stick at! Several of which threaten to snap the disc in half. The best one is the two-part “push here” type (there are at least four of this type!).

Would it kill the case designers to find the one or two designs that actually work and stick with them. PLEASE!!

Is there some sort of contest to see who can come up with the most annoying design?

The assclown who who brings three large suitcases onto a plane and has the nerve to acll them ‘carry on’.

Buddy Epson… she knows why.

ugh… i meant to say HE knows why

The fricking idiot who put tear-out cardboardy inserts in magazines that force a casual flip-open to the same spot every time I’m in the shitter.

The inventor of the Frappuccino. No question about it.

– Dragonblink of the Green Apron

Anyone who makes nasty cheap chocolate,and dares to market it as gourmet… :eek:

People who serve decaff to you as though it were real coffee…
:eek: :frowning:
Fast food workers who don’t pay attention the first time,and make you wait in line as they cancel and redo your order… :dubious: :mad: :rolleyes:

The over zealous police officer who stops you on the “doorstep” of your apartment building,key in hand,to ask you what you are doing… :confused: :eek: :mad:

Whoever decided onions were edible. shudder