Bringing a kitty into a single cat house

All youse who have also had your minds bent by feline overlords to serve more than one- how did it go? We’ve had Quinn for about 2 and a half years now. We got him from a friend of a friend who took him off the street. He wasn’t getting along with their other cats, and we wanted one. He was already full size, and he’s an indoor/outdoor, and gets along with other cats in the neighborhood. He even brought his girlfriend over a couple times (they’re both fixed). He’s always been mellow and friendly, and usually cuddles for part of the night with my wife.

Several weeks ago, one of the wife’s cow-orkers found three baby kitties near her semi-rural house. She has finally convinced me that we should take one. Quinn, however, is not pleased with the new arrangement. We keep little guy (he’s yet to be named, perhaps that’s another thread) in a carry crate or in the mudroom off the kitchen, which has a big window, so they can look at each other and get used to one another. Quinn hisses, and when they do interact, he’s pouncing on little guy in seconds. Any tips?

eta: yes, I know the rules. pics to be uploaded this evening

All you can do is give it time. Let them get used to the sight and smell of each other, and then let them sort out the hiearchy on their own (with you standing by to make sure the fighting doesn’t get out of hand). When I brought my Oreobrat home, Lunabrat was definitely not pleased, and had no qualms about showing it. For about a week and a half there was no peace in our valley, but eventually the hissing, smacking, ambushes from cover, and Famous Last Charges stopped and they became good friends, although it appears they never bothered to work out who’s the alpha cat. They’ve both apparently decided to share alpha cat status over my daughter, and occasionally reinforce this by coming up to her and biting her gently but firmly on the head (Oreo tried this on me, too, but I bit back).

The first step is patience. It may take some time for them to adjust to each others scent. Don’t try and rush anything.

Take two old blankets or towels. Let each cat sleep on one and then switch so they can get each others scent.

I have heard that appying vanilla to the each cats tail and top ot their heads make them smell alike.

Congrats on your new master :slight_smile:

After he pounces, what does he do?

In my experience, they work it out just fine. Most of the hissing and squalling is just for effect.

I have also used perfume on the head/nose area with success.

Get some Feliway. It is frequently recommended and I have heard nothing but good results. It’s a pheromone that makes for happy cats. You can get a spray or a plug in diffuser. It’s not cheap but like I said I hear lots of good things. I recommended to a co-worker who just introduced a third cat into her home, causing some fighting and one of the other cats to start peeing. I ordered her a diffuser and she said everyone is happy now and the peeing has stopped. She asked me to order another for a family member. It’s a little expensive but it’s worth it.

Hanna hated Isabel when we brought Isabel home as a kitten. It didn’t help that Hanna bore a slight resemblance to Isabel’s mom (a half-feral, hissy barn cat). Isabel would meow and meow when she saw Hanna; I’m sure she thought she was her mom. Hanna would flee in horror. Growls and hisses were normal for about a month. Now they’re close friends.

It took Dewey several weeks to not despise Edison. I thought I’d ruined Dewey’s life - he wouldn’t get in his bed, he wouldn’t fetch, any of the things he used to do. Now they wrestle and lick each other.

Thanks for the tips. Quinn has been a bit more of an outside cat the past few days, but I’m sure they’ll make friends soon. Little guy is just too cute, and besides, looks like he could be Quinn’s nephew.

I know, the pics. RFSN.

Second for Feliway. When I added my wife to the household, my female cat, who had been the alpha female for 5 years, too exception to my wife. She began to pee anywhere she knew would be a pain for us. Feliway, and my wife being the only one to feed her, helped solve this.