Bringing a non related minor out of state/country? Legal Documents needed?

We are planning a couple trips and have a babysitter we are planning/thinking on bringing with us. She will be at the time, 15 years old. She is the daughter of a really close family friend. She will be watching when possible my 5 year old twins.

So, what documents or letters will I need to:
A. Bring her to a neighboring state?
B. On a Caribbean Cruise?

We are planing on taking a close family friend’s daughter with us to Florida (From Georgia) to babysit our children while we are at and in a wedding. I’m thinking about what we might need from her parents “just in case”. Some forms allowing medical treatment, taking a minor across state lines, and basic In loco parentis .

We are also possibly thinking of taking her on a Caribbean cruise next year, any differences? Assume she has a valid passport.

I’m looking for a GQ answer if possible, but since legal advice, it’s in IMHO.

took a friend of our daughter on a Royal Caribbean cruise. They required a letter which I guess covered all the bases. The letter had flight dates and times and cruise dates and times as well as responsible party for the minor, me. Each parent had to make a letter separate from the other(even though they were married) and had to be notarized.

Have her insurance info, for sure. The notarized letters from parents sounds like a good idea. We took many friends of the lil’wrekker on trips and always got a note from parents and insurance info, never had to use it. We felt better having it.

I had a similar question a year or so back - we were thinking of having a 16 year old student from Germany (who had stayed with us the year before) come along when we went to New Hampshire and Quebec.

The general opinion was a notarized letter from the parents giving us permission to take him with us, as well as to seek medical care if needed. The letter should probably mention the prospective destination(s).

The medical care note may be less of an issue outside the US, but here in the US it’s a big deal. Another German student fell ill while visiting and I tried to take him to urgent care - and the one nearest our house demanded document after document before they’d consider seeing him. They were honestly doing it to be a pain in the ass, I think; I clearly had documentation from the agency saying we had permission to act in lieu of parents. I finally took him to another place, further away, and there were no issues at all.