Brisco County is slated for release on DVD!!

See??? It’s available at Amazon for preorder!


Best news I’ve heard on the DVD front since the Adam-12 set!

From Wiki:

And whoa, BCJ aired for only one season!? 27 episodes!? I would have sworn it was on for longer. Wow.

Yeah, it launched paired with ‘X-Files’ and while neither did all that well in the ratings in season one Fox only decided to keep one of them and BCJ lost out.

You can’t say it was a poor decision by Fox but I wish it had gone the other way.

IIRC, didn’t Fox pull it’s usual “pre-empt everything with football” stunt on both shows then?

I loved Brisco. It was campy and fun. I dunno if I’ll buy the DVD, because I don’t imagine I’ll sit down and watch it, but I was sorry to see it canceled.

Whooo-hooo!! Great news!

I’m not sure Fox even had football when Brisco was on the air.

I have seen a few episodes and found it enjoyable. I may get this series.

The Amazon preorder price ($70) is the cheapest I’ve seen so far, but they always raise the price as the release date gets closer. I figure the set will retail for $100 or more once it comes out.

They landed the NFL deal during it’s run. Several NFL players and the FOX commentary team guest starred as bad guys towards the end. And the theme was used quite a bit during the Fox NFL broadcasts.

Woot! This is awesome! I missed it on the Fridays airing, I usually caught it on Saturday mornings on the Family Channel or something like that. It’s awesome. I’ve wishlisted it for when money comes in.

NBC was still using the theme music for the last Winter Olympics broadcast. It made me smile.

Oh, man, this is one of those that I’ve been waiting for since the advent of DVD! It’s been on my shortlist of "Check Amazon every few weeks to see if it’s been slated for release yet’ for about fives years now. Horray!

(keeps fingers crossed for Dr. Katz…)

Well, it took them long enough, didn’t it? I have the pilot episode on a VHS that’s just about worn out. This is really great news.

Now, if we could just get Max Headroom and Wizards and Warriors on DVD, I can live a long happy life :slight_smile:

I am not a fan of this show at all, but here you go.

I have the whole run of Brisco County on VHS, meticulously taped off TNT around 1999 when they used to show it at 5 AM on Saturday mornings. I’m really looking forward to having the DVDs.


Things like this make me love the DVD format :D. All these great shows are coming back… :smiley:

It’s unclear from the Amazon page: Does the set include the two-hour pilot? I know that sounds like a dumb question when the box says “The Complete Series”, but the first relase of “The complete first season” of Due South did not include the pilot, so I really have to ask.

Everything I’ve read says the pilot is included. I think “The Complete Series” implies that, since it doesn’t specify a season or anything, but the listing at says it’s the whole thing, which I believe is the 2-hour pilot plus 26 regular episodes.