Brit Floyd

It’s amazing…these guys are almost better than the originals! Saw a bit of a show on telly, of DSOM.

So … they’re, like, a British version of Pink Floyd?

Since the surviving members of Pink Floyd no longer wish to continue, they should pass on the name to other people to carry on. They could license the name Pink Floyd and get paid royalties without having to tour or even be in the same place.

These guys have been on the television a lot lately. I guess they’re strictly a cover band? My take on it is:
They’re not Pink Floyd, they don’t have anything to do with Pink Floyd, they’re just a bunch of people that like Pink Floyd?
Which is fine is you’re just doing local gigs for shits and giggles. But if they’re putting you on tv and you’re becoming semi well known, to the point where you’re making money then you’re basically leeching off of someone else’s creativity and fame.
If they’re doing originals that are similar to PF songs, that is a notch up but still riding someone else’s coat tails.
I am really surprised Floyd would give this their blessing, or at least allow it to continue.

If I want to listen to a Pink Floyd song I’ll put a Pink Floyd song on.

It’s not like they’re the first tribute band. I doubt they’re even the first Pink Floyd tribute band.

It’s for the fans who never had the chance to see the group live. I wouldn’t bother with them, but I did see Floyd live.

Tribute bands, even Pink Floyd tribute bands, are hardly a new thing. If they pay royalties on the songs, I doubt if the original Pink Floyd have the power to stop it, even if they wanted to. As it makes them money (from royalties, and probably helps sell more of the original records too), without them having to do any more work at all, I doubt whether they would want to stop it.

Well, yes.

It’s a question of how far you’re willing to take the whole tribute band persona. For instance, do they have a tribute Syd who freaks out and leaves the tribute band? That would be hard core.

The Australian Pink Floyd Show are another great Pink Floyd tribute band who David Gilmour likes so much that he invited them to play at his 50th birthday party. I have seen them several times and they reproduce Pink Floyd songs wonderfully. They replace the pig with Skippy the kangaroo - a nice touch.They are quite a big band and have released a couple of DVDs.

One of the Floyd’s backing singers, Lorelei McBroom, now plays with TAPFS.

I see nothing wrong with what they do. They are very talented and create a very enjoyable show. Have a listen to Comfortably Numb.

Damn, they are good! And look…lasers!

…and pretty lights!

Man, those guys really take that seriously. That’s quite a production for what ultimately amounts to a cover band.

It may be sacrilege to say it, but with my eyes closed, that could be David Gilmour playing the guitar solo.

They do sound pretty spot on, especially with the female backing singers providing those soaring harmonies.

You might be seeing it a lot lately because one of their concerts is being shown on PBS stations in March as a pledge special. Brit Floyd Live at Red Rocks.

Yup. It’s synthetic Floyd!

Yeah, that’s where I saw them. They are almost better than the *real *Floyd!

No sacrilege felt :). Gilmour IMO one of the greatest guitarists ever, but he is pretty technically easy to reproduce even for an amateur like myself, he doesn’t have any fancy technique or weird tunings. I’ve seen small bar bands that can easily mimic Gilmour. Where he shines though is original composing, expression, guitar tone, and feedback control.

Strangely, the one place that it seems Floyd cover bands can never nail is Nick Mason’s drumming style. He is also simple in technique, but I’ve never heard anyone that can float so far around the pocket in a convincing way and still match that shuffling groove that he can hold. Brit Floyd’s drumming, while serviceable, still just doesn’t sound right.

I have not really paid that much attention, but I always thought that Pink Floyd stood out because of their distinctive sound. Just like Mr. RT. I heard the opening of side 2 of Shoot Out The Lights in a record store back in 1982, and asked “Oh? New Richard Thompson record out?”

It would be awesome to have Mr. RT join with Pink Floyd for a song or two on stage.

Again, it’s not the “tribute band” aspect that throws me, it’s the " that is on tour, selling tickets, and making a living from this" attached to the “tribute band” bit. It’s a bit of a different category than I mentally put tribute bands into. Which is basically playing for gas and beer money, doing little gigs within a 5-10 mile radius in fire halls and very small clubs.
If you like it more power to you. I am just trying to understand this because this goes way beyond most tribute bands, and I just can’t grasp 1)what the appeal is when I can still listen to the original records and watch films of the original band in concerts and 2) how Pink Floyds (or at least Rogers) lawyers don’t chew these guys clothes off.
I guess getting stoned at a concert was a really big deal for some people and they like to relive it? Or they just like the music and don’t care that it’s not the original band? I’m grasping at straws here.

Or, possibly they had the opportunity to see Pink Floyd live, but their teenage son never did and never will, and this is the ‘next best thing’. They’re going to be in Sacramento in May…I might ask the kiddo if he’d like to go. Sure, it won’t be ‘the same’, but from the video I’ve seen it certainly has a ‘Pink Floyd feel’ about it (at least compared to the post-Roger Waters Floyd that I saw).