Brit Lyrics: Was There a Bonny Prince Francis?

Ever heard of the British (Scottish? Irish? Welch?) band, “The Housemartins”? They have some great songs about British political satire…like the people who grinned themselves to death for smiling for their beloved queen whilst they were all starving. Anyway, one song says the following:

“From Queen Wilkins to Queen Victoria, we had a promising side. From King Callaghan to Bonny Prince Francis, we’ve paid up and we’ve cried. Princess Gower and Princess Ferguson, we’ve looked a hard nut to crack…” Oh, and who would “Admiral Looney Nelson” be? …their meaning is fully clear, nonetheless.

I only recognize Queen Victoria. And, to the best of my knowledge, there was only a Bonny Prince Charlie. Any insight from the UK?


The Housemartins were English.
Wilkins, Callaghan and Francis must, I think, be a reference to footballers Ray, Ian and Trevor who all played for the national team in the mid - late 70s.
A 2-0 World Cup qualifier against Luxembourg appears to be the only game they all played together in. Relevance?
Gower was an England cricketer from the same time but Ferguson, I don’t know.