Britain to be invaded this summer!

Dr. Curtis Ebbesmeyer predicts that thousands of rubber ducks will be landing on the southwest shores of Britain this summer. He’s been tracking these ducks for 15 years and 17,000 miles.

(ObLink: AskNott had a question about them a couple years back.)

The linked article is nicely detailed and includes a brief time line.

How amazing!

Are we sure this is not part of a long-term plot of Hitler’s?

Well, I feel old. I remember hearing about that in 2nd grade when the spill first happened.

Why are they called rubber ducks when, as the article explains, they are actually made of plastic ?

Jesus, this post makes me feel old. In 1992 I was thirteen. (Yes, I know, this post is now making everyone older than me feel old.)

Anyway, very cool!

I for one welcome our new rubber overlords.

Because ducks of this general design aesthetic and purpose were originally made from rubber. They’re made from other plastics now, but the name stuck.

If they had been made from rubber they would have rotted away by now.