British Accents, Swoonable Words

How’d you like to be the person that has to mow and trim that giant chalk penis guy? Missed a spot there, Bob.

I think I’d have to skip the Take Your Daughter To Work day.

Try ‘disassociative identity disorder.’ Really. Trust me. There’s a whole story that goes with that, but you probably don’t want to hear it.


I had no idea that the GIANT CHALK PENIS[sup]TM[/sup] would cause such a ruckus. It’s a true story, which is the best part. jazzmine, just draw a giant penis with chalk on a sidewalk and point to it.

You: “Oh my, what’s that?”
British guy: “I don’t know, love, it looks like a giant chalk penis! How naughty of someone!” See? It’ll work beautifully! :smiley:

Don’t get him to say “umm”

it comes out as emmm , as in Aunty Em.

Rather irritating, to my ears.

However, ‘house’ which comes out as ‘hice’, is quaint.

swoon thump

Oh yeah.

Well, there’s always ‘Come over to my house so I can show you my bedroom.’

hijack alert There was a skit on SNL a few years back that featured Jeremy Lyons. He was at a singles bar, and women were falling in love with his accent. So they’d come up to him and get him to say things to them like “Darling, I was wrong, please take me back, I’ll never leave you again!” Cute stuff. end hijack alert

Or you could go to Cerne Abbas -as GIANT CHALK PENISES[sup]TM[/sup] go, that one surely sets the standard against which all will be measured.

BTW it makes a refreshing change to see a Brit appreciation thread.