British Accents, Swoonable Words

In Surreal’s thread, Are Women Attracted To Men With Accents? I mentioned that I met a man with a British accent that just makes me melt.

Then Lsura replied:

So, of course, I quickly scribbled ‘naughty’ on my list of things to be said to me by him. Now I solicit from you, Doper Women (and Men if Male British Accents do for you what they do for me), Swoonable Words.

What else shall I have him say to me?

“Wankle Rotary Engine”

bursts into laughter

Well, it may not make me swoon, but it would certainly be interesting to see his reaction to such a request.

Funky Cold Medina.

Don’t know if they’re “swoonable”, but words like bath, glass, sure are good for highlighting some of the differences between American and English accents. Are you going to ask him straight out to repeat these words, or is it worth the effort to dream up some words that you’ll struggle to try and work into conversation? :smiley:

“schedule” & “data” are two of my faves,
although I’d imagine “naughty” would sound
positively divine.

Schedule a bath while getting the data on the glass. I dunno guys. That doesn’t quite have the feeling I’m looking for here.

cazzle, I’ll try to be Clever and work the words into the conversation. Otherwise, I’d have to write a script and that would be just…weird.

I just met a British guy that a friend of mine has been babbling about last night. They were telling me about a party at the friend’s apartment, next door to which lives the British guy. Apparently at said party a bunch of people had seized upon sidewalk chalk and drew naughty pictures in front of both apartments. Hearing British Guy say “giant chalk penis” was strangely exciting.

What? Stop looking at me like that.

Need I say it?

…I guess so:

Ooh, has he got the sort of accent where he can’t pronounce the letter h? 'Cos if so, you’ve got to make him say “hedgehog.”


Okay. Now we’ve got giant chalk penis and 'edge’og. Yeah, I think that I can work that casually into the conversation. Uh huh.

Darling, did you see the giant chalk penis on that 'edge’og?

Of course, to get what I need, I’ll have to find a way for him to repeat that back to me.

Okay, I’m thinking that cheeky wench would work well for me. And if I combine it with naughty I think it’s definitely swoon material.

She’s been a naughty, cheeky wench

Oh yeah.

Love. As in, “Well, hello there, love” or the tennis score, love. It’s such a nice word, isn’t it?

Or, um…supercalifragalistixexbeealleedocious. I like that one, too. :slight_smile:


Trust me, I am engaged to a British man and “toast” makes me swoon every time. Too bad it is so hard to work “toast” and “naughty” into the same sentence, 'cause that would be delicious.

I am going to have to try hedgehog. Just the thought of him saying that made me laugh. :slight_smile:

ooooh…that’s a nice one, Zoggie. I think I need to go take a cold shower now.


Anyone want to see a real giant chalk penis?? British, of course…


A Perfect Word.

I was just going to discuss toast and champagne with him, so this is very good to know.

Awww. <blush> I made a contribution.

Which is good, because I thought of another. “If I may be so bold as to suggest…” and then have him suggest something. I think this phrase would kick ass if a British guy said it.

Some words I love hearing British people say are;
[li]aluminum (sp?)[/li][li]lorry[/li][li]isn’t[/li][li]Afganistan[/li][li]advertisment[/li][/ul]
So what happens after the swooning? :wink:

This will definitely go to the top of the list, along with naughty and love.

Why, I’ll lay there quietly for you, just the way you like it. :slight_smile: