Accents you find sexy

So as not to hijack this thread, which accents make you go weak at the knees? Make you want to spontaneously orgasm? Which accents do you find just so incredibly sexy?

For me, its mainly the “Celtic” accents - Scottish and Irish. The Irish accent just has a certain something about it, but the Scottish accent just makes me go totally weak at the knees, its just so damned sexy darnit! :wink:

So, come on, spill, what are the most sexiest accents (IYHO) on the face of this planet?

:smack: Wrong thread! Meant this one!

I’m quite fond of English and Australian accents. :slight_smile:

Scottish does it for me. I could listen to Billy Boyd speak for hours.

French is also a big turn-on. 'Specially if the guy has a deep soft voice.


Finlandssvenska , the accent of the Swedish-speaking minority in Finland.


I love to listen to British women speak. It’s my ambition to visit there just so I can be surrounded by them. Damn, it’s sexy. Especially if they have red hair. :wink:


Especially if he’s big and strong, a bit battle-scarred, and wearing a kilt.

Hummina hummina hummina.

(Jamie Fraser in Outlander. Ooooh baby.)

Ok, so what is it about the Scottish accent then?

Scottish accents and most Irish accents don’t do it for me at all anymore. Overfamiliarity, I guess. Donegal and Derry are the exception to the latter.

These days I’m more partial to Eastern European accents :slight_smile:

Irish and Scottish accents don’t do a thing for me. British accents are nice although I prefer them in men more than I do women. Same for Spanish.

Based on the one Filipina I’ve known, I love Malay accents. Of course, it probably help that I really liked her too, so maybe I’m biased. :slight_smile:

Australian. Nicole Kidman was soooooooo hot in Days of Thunder.

Irish does it for me. Most any other accent either has no effect, or actively repels me. But an Irish accent… yum!

Scottish, Irish, English and French, oh my!

Chalk up a third Australian. Especially the woman who does the radio ads for Black & White Cabs.


Nothing makes me go weak in the knees quit like a woman with an educated Irish accent.


Irish. It does for a woman what might otherwise take 3 or 4 beers.

The speech of an Irish woman can reduce her weight by up to 30 pounds, deepen the green of her eyes by 4 shades (even if they weren’t green to begin with!) and more than compensate for blotchy skin, baldness and cleft palate–all of them at once if she’s bringing me 3 or 4 pints of Guinness.

I don 't believe I’ve ever heard a bona fide Scotswoman speak.

Once again… Scottish accents are British accents.

A mix of American and Arab accents in women does it for me. One moment they speak (IMO) flawless NY or any accent, and then, suddenly they just in the typical Arba pronunciation or the accent. Just he right touch to the flow. To put it in colloquial Hindi, 'Zor ka jhatka, dheera se
The same is pathetic in men.

My fiancee’s sexy Armenian accent does it for me, though I also love a good Irish one…

German or Eastern European accents.