British comedy - recommend me some

Difficulty level: I’ve already seen them all.

No, really. I’ve been a fan of British comedy for going on 20 years now. When Napster came out and people were using it to fill out their Metallica collection, I was downloading episodes of Saturday Night Fry, Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie’s short-lived radio sketch comedy from the 80s. That’s a great show, by the way, and well worth seeking out. I’ve got terabytes of British comedy (and other stuff too, I suppose) cluttering up my basement. I’m predicting that I will have already tried 90%+ of the shows that pop up in this thread.

But I want you to recommend them anyway, because I’m looking for those few gems that I somehow missed. So there’s your challenge. Find me a good show or ten of any kind - sketch comedy, sitcom, panel shows, whatever - that I haven’t seen, as long as it’s funny. I won’t bother trying to list all the ones I’ve already tried, because that would take forever. But I will respond to what gets suggested here. I’ll even go so far as to allow Canadian or Australian shows, although I have dipped into those now and then, and have yet to find any winners.

Have at it!

Red Dwarf :slight_smile:

HA! I should have expected that. I’ve had this name for so long, I often forget about it.

Wodehouse Playhouse – a pretty decent adaptation of the Mulliner stories. Got that one yet gimboid? :slight_smile:

Since I believe it would be a bit pointless to point out Ricky Gervais and all his projects or Little Britain, might I suggest “Summer Heights High”, an Australian mockumentary by comedian Chris Lilley about two students (one troubled Islander boy and a stuck-up private school princess) and an overambitious drama teacher, all three played by Lilley.

Especially the drama teacher is hysterical. This show manages to be both physically and very subtly funny - it’s not all in the crazy accents. He also did two other series, We Can Be Heroes and Angry Boys.

Fawlty Towers
Monty Python’s Flying Circus
The Vicar of Dibley

Among current shows, I think that Not Going Out is the best sitcom on British TV. Possibly not a fashionable view, because it is quite mainstream, and we tend to be better at edgy or whimsical comedy. Maybe it’s just the zeal of a new convert - I initially overlooked this show because I found Lee Mack a bit end-of-the-pier/Butlins redcoat. But I’ve really changed my mind about him. The show has a high gags-per-minute rate, and the gags are actually funny.
I also like The IT Crowd (from one of the guys who wrote Father Ted, and quite similar in feel), except I don’t like the more recent seasons as much as the first.
There’s also the Armstrong and Miller show, a pretty good sketch show, especially the RAF pilots bits.
[edit] Nearly forgot - Peep Show! In fact, most things involving David Mitchell are worth watching. He makes a great panel show guest.

Monarch of the Glen, I don’t know if it counts as comedy, more like a British Northern Exposure.

Doc Martin, ditto

Murder Most Horrid - An anthology series starring Dawn French. I’ve only seen a couple episodes so I don’t know how well the quality holds up from show to show, but Overkill is one of the funniest half hours I’ve ever seen.

The Games - Australian mockumentary about the organizing of the Sydney Olympics.

Black Adder

With all that Fry, why not QI?

If you don’t mind some drama which happens to be funny, I found Misfits to be amusing.

The Catherine Tate Show: sketch comedy, mostly but not entirely based on recurring characters. Actress/writer Catherine Tate plays a wide variety of roles, ranging from an insolent teen girl to a sleep-deprived young mother to a critical granny.

I expect you’ve seen Mock the Week, Never Mind the Buzzcocks, Have I Got News For You and QI, but how about Would I Lie to You, The Bubble, 8 Out of 10 Cats (hosted by the odious Jimmy Carr, so I avoid it, but it’s probably otherwise good)?

That Mitchell and Webb Look
The Might Boosh
Chewin’ the Fat
Still Game

Fawlty Towers
Monty Python’s Flying Circus
The Two Ronnies
[early seasons of] Only Fools And Horses
Black Adder (there are 4 seasons of that)
Anything with Harry Enfield and/or Paul Whitehouse
Vic Reeves [may be more of an acquired taste]

Limmy’s Show has so far only been broadcast on BBC Scotland, but I think it’s due to go nationwide shortly. I think it’s one of the better new sketch shows - quite dark in places.

The Inbetweeners

Smack the Pony

If you’re willing to go Canadian, how about Corner Gas or Butch Patterson, Private Dick?

It’s not a proper comedy, more a dram-edy sort of thing, but the canadian show Republic of Doyle is a good and very entertaining show.

Rising Damp
To the Manor Born