British dopers: Jeremy Clarkson's accident?

Here in NZ we’ve been enjoying another season of Top Gear, however, the last few episodes have been reruns with a message at the beginning saying that due to Jeremy Clarkson’s accident, we have to enjoy reruns.
I have googled JC and Accident, but not found any more info. Can anyone shed light on what kind of accident it was and how serious. My male SO is deeply in love with him and cars.

I haven’t heard anything about this.

Which season are you watching?

Here is the Top Gear current program (which I watched):

‘This week on Top Gear, the show got a thrilling new look, and so did we. Plus, the boys made a people carrier into an exciting convertible, James enjoyed a new Honda, Jeremy enjoyed a Swedish supercar, and Richard didn’t enjoy a Micra. At all.’

If your SO likes Jeremy, I can recommend a book and a TV series:

‘The World according to Clarkson’ (Warning! NOT politically correct! :eek: )

‘BBC presenter Jeremy Clarkson has nominated Victorian engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel as his great Briton.’

BBC Shop – BBC Shop US<venda_bklist1>

A few months ago (last series here in the UK) he announced he had suffered a slipped disc. The only driving we saw him doing was apparantly pre-recorded from weeks before the incident.

New series just started last week here in the UK, a rag top people mover? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks guys - I guess the slipped disc was all it was, sounded more dramatic.
We were watching the series that was made end of 2005/beginning 2006.
SO has the books etc We’ve also just had a rerun of ‘Speed’ - was aired right before Top Gear - 2 hours of Jeremy!! oh yay…

They chickened out of the car wash. Shameful.

Plus, there’s the dog. You just know a series with pets and cars is going to have some unpleasantness.

I was also rather disappointed that they didn’t stick it out for the car wash. But what happened straight after was hilarious.

didn’t he get a sprained back in new zealand a few years ago after zorbing? In that case its your fault :slight_smile:

Heh, the Google ads are letting us know about the Cadillac BLS, the car that got a roasting last night on the show :wink:

It’s got a Saab gearstick, y’know. :smiley:

I remember the prog (first aired last year?) where he hobbled into the studio with a slipped disc, and indeed he did have to forgo any road tests for a while. He could still do the studio bit though, albeit rather stiffly, and his back seems to have recovered now.

He’s hurt fingers at least a couple of times, once from road testing a car by driving it into a concrete block at 30mph, except the speedo was broken and he impacted at a slightly higher speed, and once when he [url=]punched Piers Morgan.

Oops, wrongcoded me link

Actually, if it was a few years ago, I think that would be an old injury and therefore not the cause of last years problem, anyway, if anyone goes in a zorb I think the fault would lay with the idiot who dared them!
Hey, I’m from Cambridge in NZ!!!(and I’ve been to Cambridge in Boston and in Canada - all totally unplanned).

Putting a Volvo 760 through a concrete wall, he did fracture a bone in his hand. That lost him that particular part of the challenge :smiley:

Ive taught in Cambridge NZ too for a term 20 years ago ! (ex Kiwi teacher)
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If you taught at Cambridge high, that was my school - but I would have already been at uni 20 years ago…now I feel very old.