British horror ID: 'Our food comes in boxes.'

From another thread:

This has been eluding me for a long time, and I thought there might be a better chance of finding out the title if it had its own ID thread.

Any British horror fans out there?

I hope it’s OK, I copied the question here, where they seem to know the identiites of a lot of these kinds of movies:

I scrolled through what was written so far and didn’t see a matching description.

Thanks. I hope someone answers.

Let me bask for a moment

OK, basking’s over. The movie’s called Monster Club. It’s a collection of stories, and the story you mentioned is the last one.

:smack: Of course!

I was going to order it, but amazon says the release date is 1 January 2010.

So where are the ones in the Marketlace coming from? Earlier release? Bootlegs?

Yeah, that threw me too for a little while, but the DVDs are out there. Go to the listing on, click on the “11 used & new” hyperlink, and you can order it from an outside seller.

That said, now that I have the DVD, the last story you mentioned is by far the best. The other stories are pretty hokey, the monster makeup throughout the movie is crap, and the musical numbers are cheesy 80’s shit one or two steps above Zip Zap Rap. Still, now that I think about it, the last story is just about worth the price in and of itself. Plus Vincent Price is always good.

Well, now I feel silly for posting to the other thread just now! :smack:

But thank you, Johnny L.A., for solving a 23-year-old mystery. I humbly throw cash at your feet.

Now the question is, do I dare order and probably ruin a lifelong creepiness factor?

I say order it, the story about the ghoul community & also the one about the corpse-faced man who falls in love with the girl are pretty chilling.

I clicked on the IMDB link and found some familiar words. John Bolton, credited as concept artist, adapted some of the stories from the film into a comic mini series. OTTOMH, the frame story, the humgoo story, the shadmock story, and I think one more. However, I don’t remember the boxes story being in the comic.

A number of years ago I worked at and as I recall, the 1/1/10 “release date” was plugged in for items for which the release date was unknown or undetermined.

Was that the one with the striptease who stripped down to her bare bones as a club act?

Just seen the re-release date is May 22 2006, so a US re-release could be soon.