British Horror or Supernatural/Paranormal shows?

Quatermass and the Pit.

This violates your “10 years” criterion, but *Ghostwatch *(1992) may be worth hunting down. It doesn’t appear to be available on Netflix, though.

Ghostwatch uses recognized British celebrities (playing themselves) as a haunting is investigated live on television. It doesn’t hit all of the marks for which it aims, but I think it’s overall a success. It apparently created quite a controversy when it first aired, because viewers thought it was real.

If you haven’t yet seen it, and plan to, don’t read too much of the Wikipedia entry.

The film version is recommended.

Dog Soldiers. It’s a film, but it’s been on TV.

I’m going to strongly recommend Misfits. Got seriously addicted and it’s been a while since that happened. Waiting eagerly for series 2.

It’s about British juvenile delinquents getting mysterious superpowers and doing… nothing with them, really. You have to see it.

Also, there was a two-part remake of “Day of the triffids” not too long ago on the telly.

Oooh, I loved that one!

**Jekyll **is a must. James Nesbitt is creepy as fuck as Jekyll and it’s a really well-written & scary series.

Also must add my recommendation of** Torchwood: Children of Earth**. It is what the series should have been like from the beginning. *Very *dark, very adult, very grim. None of the silly chasing aliens around with guns bit from the regular show.

I saw one episode of that, the one with David Tennant as a creepy artist. Very bizarre show. I had no idea of the whole ghost aspect so that was a bit of a surprise.

What about the original Life on Mars, starring John Simm? I haven’t seen it, but I’ve heard wonderful things about it.

For the love of all things holey, don’t even contemplate watching Demons.

Just remembered another one, Crooked House.

Seconding Misfits, and annoyed that I forgot about it.

Another “not what you asked for, but it’ll be suggested anyway” suggestion is No Heroics. A British sitcom about superheroes.

And, yeah, don’t ever watch Demons. It was shit.

Wow, really? I can’t think of a US sitcom about superheroes, but I watched some of My Hero, so the UK has had at least two :slight_smile:

Thanks for the spoiler, not!

What bits do I need to know to be fully engaged? I know nothing about Torchwood or Dr. Who.

I couldn’t watch Torchwood either.

This is a very different Torchwood. Honest. Do yourself a favour and overcome your doubts.

Just the two that were in the spoiler. I hadn’t seen any Torchwood before I watched Children of Earth, though I had seen a couple of the Dr Who eps with Captain Jack.

@Elfkin: well, there’s The Tick (not the animated one, which probably counts as a US superhero sitcom.

Torchwood is an organisation set up by Queen Victoria after an escapade with the time-travelling Doctor. It’s purpose is to monitor alien activity on Earth and to gather alien technology. At the point we have reached just before Children of Earth there are only three Torchwood agents left, due to a series of unfortunate encounters both in Torchwood and Doctor Who. The leader, Captain Jack Harkness, is originally from the 51st century and due to an incident in Doctor Who is unkillable and effectively immortal. He’s been on contemporary Earth for a century or so at this point. Gwen Cooper is a former policewoman. Ianto Jones is in love with Jack. The Torchwood team are based in Cardiff, which sits on a Rift which occasionally allows things to appear in our world. It’s set in roughly our time.

The Doctor only gets passing mention in Torchwood, but various Torchwood members turn up in Doctor Who, especially Jack. That’s it really.

Thank you. I will look for it.