British Open Museum of Poop


1.) Headline: This British Poo Museum Is Literally Full Of Crap

2.) At the very end:

3.) Yes, it turns out the British were beaten to the punch:


This is useful to know.

5.) It’s at the Isle of Wight Zoo, in case you’re interested. Their website:
6.) Quote:

Please tell me they have a gift shop.


It wouldn’t surprise me. In the book Roadside America, they have a page devoted to poop-related gifts from American roadside attractions. I think the British are at least as perverse as Americans.
Here’s a typical item

actual moose poop, dried and lacquered, for you to stir your drink with. Other examples include keychain fobs and decorative plaques.

I don’t go in for these, myself, but apparently there is a market for them.

A few years ago took my grandsons to the Seattle Center. One of the exhibits at that time at the Science Center had to do with poo. They even had a much larger than life inflatable colon. The best part of that was the exit only sign at the anal orifice.

But does it cost money to visit there?

I mean, is there a fee, see?

I’ll get me hat…

The Poop Museum should feature this style of restaurant.