British pound - most valuable currency unit?

Does any country have a unit of currency worth more than £1?

Yes. Several middle eastern countries do, these rates are approximate (and in terms of USD):

Kuwait	KWD	 3.2258 
Bahrain	BHD	 2.6533 
Oman	OMR	 2.6316 
Malta	MTL	 2.2100 
Latvia	LVL	 1.5870 	 
Cyprus	CYP      1.5500 
Britian	GBP	 1.4300 

What about the Irish punt (IEP)? I seem to remember reading somewhere that it was the only currency worth more than one Euro when the latter was introduced and I also think that someone told med that the Scottish pound is worth somewhat more than the more commonly used English pound (and don’t ask me why).

Umm…As far as I know 1 Scottish pound is equal to 1 English pound. The Scottish pound doesn’t float against other currencies. Its value is the same as the English pound. Scotland does print its own bills with “Band of Scotland” (or something similar written on them), but they’re not really a different currency. In fact, I’ve sometimes had difficulty getting certain vendors in England to accept Scottish bills.

And the Irish Punt is part of the Euro, isn’t it? So it doesn’t really exist anymore.

Um … I may be being dense here, but how can the Scottish pound be worth more than the English pound when the currency unit in the UK is the pound Sterling (UKP or GBP)? I know banks issue different tender, but the actual unit used for FX trading is the same.

Since you asked about the Irish pound, here’s the next few in the list:

Jordan	JOD	 1.4286 
Libya	LYD	 1.4286 
Ireland	IEP	 1.1174 
Panama	PAB	 1.0000 
Euro	EUR	 0.8800 

I’m taking this from a list of most of the major world currencies that I’m using for a project at work. This is the exchange rate we base our firm forecasts on and should be a fairly accurate barometer of exchange rates at a given point in time. Most other major currencies are currently indexing at less than 1 USD.

The currency of the United Kingdom is the pound sterling. The United Kingdom comprises England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Scottish banks print banknotes to their own design, but those notes are in pounds sterling, and are worth the same as English designs.

Once in a while, some twit in the media (last one I heard of was some idiot radio DJ) announces an “exchange rate” between English and Scottish pounds. Generally, this causes a certain level of annoyance, like any other piece of misinformation. It also causes problems for people trying to use Scottish notes in England, since a depressing number of English people are unaware of the existence of Scottish notes, and won’t take them if they think they have to figure out an exchange rate.

The Irish “punt”, formerly the currency of the Republic of Ireland, being issued by a different national government, is a different kettle of fish; IIRC, at the time of its replacement by the Euro, it was worth a bit more than a Euro, but a bit less than a pound sterling.

  • Steve, English person who used to live in Scotland.

I did a massive post on this a while back but I think it died in the purge. From memory a South Pacific currency was the highest. Fiji, or possibly Tuvalu.

Steve is quite (w)right.

Fr a short time, the IR£ was worth more than the GB£. However, this was exceptional and it was worth less than the GB£ most of the time. .

I suspect the list used by ShibbOleth is out of date, if it still lists the Irish pound as a separate currency. This raises doubts about the validity of the project that he/she is working on. Does it also refer to deutschmarks and french francs?

Ohmegod, how could I forget about that. :eek:

Nope, the list is very up to date. I removed some things like *Euro from that list. It’s used to evaluate project savings across countries so they may have entered the savings in at some point in Irish pounds. It is a rolling quarterly currency comparison, with monthly data. I just provided the most recent averages.