British Soap-Opera star who's nose was falling apart because of a cocaine problem

I’m trying to remember who this was. I know I read an article about it once, and I’m trying to remember what the woman’s name was.

If I recall, she had had such a drug problem that her nose was deteriorating.

Any help appreciated.


Daniella Westbrook I believe

Anyone have a link to that nasty pic where you can see the damage? The one where the seperation between the nostrils is gone. An image search on Google didn’t find it.

The septum was gone. Dammit, I hate when a remember the right word after I hit submit.

Not it, but close (see pic 19):

This site contains a picture:

Its a supposedly humorous article, but the subject matter is actually very serious. Its enough to put anyone off trying cocaine if they were even considering trying it.