British Steamed Christmas puddingpudding - how do I store it for a week?

I’m thinking of making a steamed pudding for an upcoming Christmas party. Piper Mom used to make it a week or so in advance, but I can’t remember how she stored it. I don’t think she refrigerated it.

Any suggestions?

Keep it tightly covered, out of direct heat and light, so that it doesn’t dry out, but to make sure, add a little brandy partway through the week.

The traditional custom is to make and store them weeks in advance, so you needn’t worry about it turning “bad”, especially with the added brandy.

Weeks?? They will keep for YEARS and if stored properly, go on getting better and better.

Thanks. I thought that was how Piper Mom used to do it, but wasn’t sure.

My recollection is that she would steam it wrapped in cheesecloth, then after it was cooked she wrapped it tightly in aluminium foil. But I couldn’t remember what she did next to store it until Christmas Dinner.

I’m planning on doing the flaming pudding entrance.

Must find a sixpence somewhere.

Oh yeah, I’ve never known one go-off at all. Airtight lid and cool dark place and it’s pretty much indestructible. I’ve had chunks of it in the freezer for years and if you take it out and nuke it it’s as good as new.

Shoot. I just realised today is Stir-up Sunday! Thought it was next Sunday. Always creeps up on me.

Follow-up question: how do I flame it?

Will this work?

  1. Brandy in plate with pudding;

  2. Microwave it to get brandy hot;

  3. Tablespoon of brandy heated with a flame;

  4. set tablespoon of brandy on fire, and then use it to light the pudding?

Bump - need answer fast !

It worked!

Flaming pudding brought in while singing “We wish you a merry Christmas!”

General satisfaction with the pudding, the rum sauce, and the flames.

My favorite way to store food is in my belly. :frowning:

But not flaming, I assume?

Inflation, my friend, inflation. It’s been a pound coin for years in these neck of the woods. Wrapped in tin foil, as we don’t want to poison anyone.

In fact, my father always stuffed the pudding with as many pound coins as there were children around the table.

I’ve always favoured brandy butter over rum sauce. And pouring cream. YMMV.