British UFO Documents

Last week I read this article:

Does anybody have any information on these documents and if they have been released?


Eh, I can’t find the actual government “file” posted on the Web anywhere offhand. There is this website but I only got a brief glimpse of it before their server apparently went down and started giving me a “Cannot Find Server” screen. (cue the Twilight Zone music…) So I dunno whether the whole file is there or not.

What’s supposed to be in it, if somebody else wants to go look.

Details will no doubt appear here in due course.

Well, I just got through to without any problems … the documents linked on that site indicate that the whole thing is a lot of fuss about nothing.

Quick summary: a couple of US servicemen at an air base spotted an unexpected light in the forest, not realizing that a lighthouse was visible from that point. Lots of embroidery and rumours of sinister government cover-ups followed.

If there’s anything still classified about this incident, it’s probably because the MOD routinely classifies stuff - which you’d pretty much expect from the MOD; I’m as much a fan of freedom of information as the next man, but we do need some level of security.

I think I recall seeing a segment about that incident on Unsolved Mysteries once. Oddly enough, they didn’t mention the lighthouse angle…hmmm…

A lot of fuss about nothing? In a UFO incident? How odd.
But wait! If there’s no evidence of UFOs . . . then there must have been a cover-up!