Britney Griner punches another player (women's basketball)

Link here.

Is it just me, or did that girl deserve the punch she got? Everyone is outraged at Griner for throwing the punch, but I think whats-her-name got what was coming. She grabbed Griner’s arm and violently shoved/threw her aside, and got her nose broken for it. The message is clear: don’t do that shit, and you wont get punched.

Not remotely.

No. Barncastle is no more physical in the post than I’ve seen Griner be (Women’s basketball fan in the Big XII). Foul by Barncastle doesn’t warrant the retaliation.

I’m curious to see how long Mulkey will suspend her or if the NCAA will step in.

Oh, while it would still be officially unacceptable, I would have been OK with a hard shove back, but that’s it.

Um, no. Basketball isn’t that kind of sport. If you feel you were fouled, you let the refs handle it.

You don’t throw punches on the court. It’s not really a very complicated thing.

Anyway, the arm pull was in response to Griner’s overhand-chop swim move that, at least judging by the girl’s reaction, either struck her pretty hard or somewhere above the neck, which is exactly why retaliation is a bad idea across the board.

NCAA rules require a one game suspension (their next game against Texas). The Big XII conference and the University can pile on top of that if they choose. Mulkey has already stated she will deal with the issue internally with the team, so I would not expect anything else from the school. The conference will likely suspend her from the conference tourney.

Griner hits like a girl.

That was pathetic.

What the hell is with basketball players throwing punches like kindergartners? Men, Women, college, pro. wherever. They can’t throw a punch worth a shit.

The NCAA still has a suspension pending on Andrea Riley for something similar. Her next tournament game from an incident in the Sweet 16 two years ago.

I think Rudy Tomjanovich would disagree with your characterization.

I remember that one. We need to get Kermit to show some of these guys how to throw one.

If they could they’d be playing hockey. Now THAT’s a Real Sport.

Yes and no- a lot of hockey fights involve ineffectual flailing away. Indeed, I bet there’d be a lot fewer fights if more punches actually landed and they actually hurt!

I think both players should have been ejected.

No, the OP’s completely wrong. Griner got fouled, the foul was called, and that was it. That kind of thing usually doesn’t lead to anything except a little jawing between the players, nor should it. If it was going on all game, maybe the other player should have been given a T. Incidentally I don’t know if Griner did anything else during the game, but my guess is she was giving as good as she was getting. The punch was way over the top. To make matters worse her opponent was not looking at Griner at the time she threw the punch.

Well, it seems like lately, there actually are a lot fewer fights when compared to 5 or 10 years ago.

As a Baylor grad I’d been putting off seeing that as long as possible. It’s just as ugly as I feared. Yeah, Brittney’s young but there’s no excuse for that kind of behavior. Mulkey won’t tolerate that crap one bit. This will be dealt with sternly and fully. Kim’s a good person and a good coach and I assure you nobody is more concerned with making this right now and in the future than her.

Actually Barncastle was not called for the foul. The officiating thoughout the game was pretty lax, resulting in a lot of shoving and pushing. Griner let that frustration get to her and she threw the punch. The Tech bench cleared and the resulting fouls were handed out: Griner got a technical and was ejected from the game. Griner’s teamate, Medford, received a technical for mouthing off after the punch. The Tech bench got a technical for coming onto the court.

Baylor has already decided on the punishment. In addition to the NCAA required one game suspension, the school has also levied an additional game suspension on Griner. The Big XII conference has signed off on Mulkey’s addressing of the situation and is not considering any additional punishment. Needless to say Texas Tech fans are outraged by what they consider a very lax punishment.

Then that’s definitely a failure by the refs. I thought they were blowing the whistle to call a foul on Barncastle.