Broadband Capacity in the US?

I’m trying to determine how much expansive fixed broadband capacity is in the US.

I highly doubt if everyone in the US switched their home media viewing from traditional cable/satellite to online streaming that there would be capacity to do this without jamming the bandwidth. Any statistics out there to measure current capacity?

My belief is that even if everyone that currently rents or purchases physical DVD/Blu-ray watched them streaming online that the current broadband capacity would be greatly exceeded. But I don’t know that for sure.

Any good sources of current national capacity vs. current usage vs. potential usage?

This isn’t quite exactly what you’re looking for, but it’s a starting place:

Mostly it tells you overall broadband penetration and how fast American internet access generally is. If you add it all up, you can get an estimate of current usage.

It does not account for dark fiber or other unused capacity.


Based upon current downstreaming, it appears Netflix accounts for about 30% of bandwidth and Youtube accounts for about 20%, leaving the remaining 50% of “lit” usage for all other providers. That’s not too surprising to me, as video streaming is a huge bandwidth hog.

Another interesting fact is that around 30% of all households don’t have home broadband connections, with the primary reasons for not having it are 1) don’t want or don’t need it, or 2) can’t afford it.