Broadband in Ireland can suck my bell-end.

I live slap-bang in the middle of a European capital (Dublin) and I physically cannot get access to any broadband internet service. None. Monkey knob-sucking, cum-guzzling bastards.

You’d swear it was the fucking dark ages.

I cannot get a service over my phone line, because the fucking cunts that provide the line (Eircom) haven’t bothered their collective arse to make the line DSL compatible.

I cannot get Wireless Broadband because I need line-of-sight to the mast apparently, and since I don’t live in the middle of a fucking meadow, there are buildings around me. Well what the fuck do they expect ? It’s a fucking city centre ! Why do they bother having the cunt of a service in Dublin if it only works on the fucking salt plains of Utah.

Oh, and you’d think that there would be a proper, you know, “wireless” wireless service that wouldn’t require the line-of-sight-to-the-mast fuck-o-rama, but no. We live in the Dublin. In fucking caves.


It sucks! Faster! Faster!

Uh, sorry. I feel your pain.

Wanna see the Dark Ages? Come to the US. Not much broadband to speak of (unless you live near a university or tech-savvy major city). And even that you have to bend over for one of the monopolistic cable companies.

That said, being in the middle of Dublin and not having broadband really sucks.

Even here it isn’t that bad. We’re fairly rural and the larger comunities have high speed access.

I however live in the sticks, and I completely feel the OPs pain. Broadband isn’t avaliable at all at my house yet (we’ve been hearing rumors for a couple years now too, it was suppossed to be here last summer). I can’t believe that you can’t get it in the city though, of all places. Here, any decently sized community has high speed access.

Well, my Uncle lives in a little town of 4 thousand in rural Minnesoda, and he has a pretty nice cable internet connection. Things are getting better in the states.

Though I agree with the OP, it is just wrong for a major city in a first world nation not to have broadband everywhere.

You’re idealistic. Fucking NYC doesn’t have universal broadband access. Even though I’m about 90 meters from a phone substation, I can’t get DSL because they don’t have enough phone lines in the East Villiage. Even my voice line is split with another customer. (Digitally split, we don’t have to listen to each others’ conversations.) A friend of mine in Brooklyn can’t get either DSL or cable internet.

I mean, c’mon!

I just wanted to applaud the OP’s use of the term “bell-end.”

Haven’t heard that one for ages.

And yet oddly, sitting here in a medium small town right behind the local university I have more bandwidth than I know what to do with. All the big pipes and switches the cable provider laid in for the university feed me also. It’s stunning how fast this connection is, except for this one crappy little messageboard that just crawls. Software updates and downloads are like I’ve got an ethernet connection right to the source.

Well at least I’m not the only person.

But fucking hell. It’s just stupid. I here, I want to pay - and there is no-one there to take my cash & give me the service? WTF?

I mean, my brother in law lives up the fucking Alps and he’s got 2Mb ADSL (512 upload).

It’s just TOO MUCH.

I too feel the pain. Highspeed broadband is as good as non-existant here, and even when it is available, it’s just waay to expensive for a regular surfer to use.

I installed a 256kbps line in my office, but it costs too much to use it for anything other than email and light surfing. Lucky me that the SDMB constitutes light surfing :stuck_out_tongue:

I live in a tiny village in Ohio. We have blazingly fast broadband. Life is good.

Ah youll have to move outside the Big City, down here, in Waterford, weve had several phone calls from both Eircom and Esat asking us to switch over. Unfortunately its not really worth it right now

Strange. I live next to the Liffey and Eircom do broadband just fine. Never any issue with the service.

Now, when it comes to prices, they can suck the bell end.

The worst thing though isn’t not having access to broadband but having to listen to politicians waffeling on about how Ireland is the Internet hub of Europe and how much Ireland is streets ahead of other countries regarding Inet access.

It’s so slow in being deployed because at first they changed 130? a month for ADSL (512/128) and there were no takers = no demand.

Maybe if the assholes priced it correctly someone would have the $$$ to afford it.

We can’t get broadband here either (Wigan). BT haven’t bothered to upgrade the lines because they have a near monopoly and can take all the time in the world to do so, and cable companies won’t touch our road because they say it’s either private or unadopted, which it isn’t.