Broadband solutions for people with no DSL or Cable options

My inlaws have retired to Centeral America (Belize, to be exact) and we keep in contact a great deal via the internet. We hope to use Video but that is not going to pan out with the However, the infrastructure in Belize is quite “primitive” and probably will be for sometime.

Are their any options available for broadband down there (Satellite?) that does not require a telephone uplink? In another thread Jonathan Chance mentioned Direcway but I have doubts that it is even available down there (someone prove me wrong please!). I will check into them though. However, are there any other solutions that I might be missing? Is there some other wireless alternatives?

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We hope to use Video but that is not going to pan out with the modem connection very well. We were hoping for something better but the telco infrastructure probably won’t be upgraded for sometime and cable is non-existant where they live.
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Two way satellite is available now, so that’s at least technically feasible, if you can find a suitable provider. Uplink speed for satellite isn’t great - 512 kb to 1 mb download, 128 or 152 kb upload is about what you’ll get judging by a quick scan of services, but it’s better than dialup modem.

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The bird my direcway dish aims for sits awfully low on the southwestern horizon. I’m in Virginia, USA so that bird might be accessible from Central America.

I just remembered something. I thought I saw something on TV a year or so ago that Bill Gates was spearheading some initiative that was going to deliver global broadband via satellite. Is there such a thing in the works? Does anyone know?

Jonathan, I will make some queries with Direcway. I am unsure if they’ll support a cust in Belize, but hopefully they will. Did you install it yourself or did some Direcway installer have to come to your house and do it?

Belize Internet Access Provider Lists

I had a local yokel (not a DW guy) install it. It didn’t look too hard. Certainly going to one machine it would be simple. Mount and aim antenna…run co-ax to machine…install card…plug cable into card.

Then some software installation and you’re there!

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What kind of ping times do you get with DirectWay? Is it suitable for internet game playing?