Broccoli Water

Hot weather…leftover water from steamed broccoli…a pan forgotten on the counter for a week…

My kitchen smells like someone has been clipping their toenails into a bucket of shark chum.

Consider this a public service announcement. :eek:

:eek: Ewwwwwww! I hope it’s not hot at your house.

Yep, I once lived in a place where my housemates left a pot with broccoli in it on the stove for a week. I refused to clean it, and my reward was… The Stench. It was one of the worst things I’ve ever, ever smelled in my whole life.


That’s something that can rival the stench of a pan used to cook frozen breakfast sausage, then abandoned on the counter.

Also, don’t leave a bag of potatoes on top of the fridge. Hands down, the worst smell I have ever experienced.

My husband goes to get them, shows them to me and says, “think these are still any good?” as rotting potato water leaks out of the bag and onto the floor.


That is such a boy thing, too. My SO is extremely skilled in the kitchen, can cook wonders, and is far far better than me at that kind of stuff. Yet he still comes to me with the chicken or milk or whatever and asks me to sniff it. “Is it still good?” Once he brought me milk that was chunking…I told him to put it in his cereal. :smiley:

Pots and pans left on the stove and counter for a week?

A week?

A weeeeeeeeek?

You mean to say you’ve never done this? I mean, it rarely happens around here, but once in a great while, sure.

This has great possibilities…you could put a paper cup of broccolli water behind a piece of furniture in the house of someone you do not like…

These days I could not imagine a pan sitting out for hours, let alone days. There was a time tho …
During one of my moves while in college, I was moving in with my girlfriend (now my wife) and didn’t feel like washing the dishes. Figured I might as well pack them dirty and wash them at the new place. Of course, at the new place we used her dishes, and never unpacked that box. One year later, we opened the box briefly, and tossed it.
Our kitchen in that apt had maybe a zillion drawers of all odd sizes. Upon moving out, we found that we had apparently deemed one of them the potato(e) drawer. That WAS a stench.

Living in a house with 5 other people (one of them my boyfriend at the time - now husband) led to interesting kitchen smells. 3 of the guys never washed their dishes, despite the fact that there was a fully functioning, very good dishwasher in the kitchen.

There was the pot of broccoli water, it had only been overlooked for a day or two, but it still reeked.

Another guy cooked fish a lot. Frozen fish, that he’d thaw out on the counter and cook at 2am (his usual supper time). He made efforts to be quiet about having different hours, but the stench just filled the whole house ever time. One time, he cooked crab. Sometime during the process, he tossed pieces of crab into the sink, and then at the end, piled his dishes in the sink so he could proceed to ignore them for a few days, per usual. The next day, the house was permeated with the scent of rotten crab, and it took us some time to find the source of it (these morons had collectively piled up that many dishes!) That is a smell I never want to experience again!

This is so nasty I can’t believe I’m about to relay it. I was single and living alone and working a gazillion hours a week. I’d frequently eat a bowl of cereal and throw the bowl in the sink, and leave it for days. Bowls with dabs of milk would accumulate, there in the sink beneath the window …

… which I left open. It was summer, I was rarely there. There was a screen, but also a gap in the screen. A gap wide enough, apparently, to admit a fly, which, as insects will do, reproduced. In my sink. Which resulted in … oh lord, maggots. Maggots in my sink.

It was the single most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen some pretty foul apartments inhabited by college boys. (Peeing in the sink, anyone?) But anyway, I called my mommy and cried. It was that horrible.

I’ve seen it all - broccoli water that’s got left out for a week and now has an island of mould in the middle, potatoes that not only grew sprouts but took over the entirity of the cupboard under the sink, whipped cream that proceeded to climb out of the bowl and into the tomatoes stored next to it (I have a problem with cleaning out my fridge).

But hands down the worst smell I ever smelt was an empty vegemite jar, filled with water to soak the dregs of yeasty goodness out of the corners, and left on a windowsill in the middle of high summer in Adelaide (35-40deg C days). When I opened it, it fizzed. It was fermenting. And it smelt like hooch made of feet, limburger cheese and the worst bits of leftover fish stock. It was nearly 8 years ago and to this day the memory of it still makes the bile rise in my throat.

Did you bring enough for everybody?