Brochures For (Almost) ALL Old Cars! Cool Link...

My brother sent me this link to a site that has brochures for almost all old cars.

Sort of fun to go and look at the brochure of the first car you ever owned. My first was an used 65 Chevy that was literally owned by a little old school teacher before my dad bought it for me. Of course, the first day I drove it I took it on the freeway and zoomed up to 70 MPH and immediately blew 3 pistons. I don’t think the previous owner had driven it over 40 MPH in the entire time she owned it. We got the engine fixed and I continued to drive it for 4 years.

Wow, thanks for that link. I love looking at advertising from the 1960s and 1970s, and I have a Taschen compilation book of advertisements and promotional material for '70s cars and 4x4s (and a few motorcycles). Some of the pieces on that site are in it.

Oh man, I just love the way the ads were laid out back then. You can see them in old issues of Playboy - there would be a colorful, tasteful illustration or photograph of the vehicle, taking up 1/4 or less of the page, and all the rest would be text actually explaining to you why you should buy the vehicle and what features it had. There was a great sort of honesty and lack of irony to the ads back then. Even the ones that worked some humor into the voice of the description were still extremely factual.

Today’s cryptic car ads are 100% about appearance and immediate psychological effect, to the detriment of any useful information.

The early Ford Taurus ads aren’t on there :frowning: I know it’s not a classic car or a fancy car, but IIRC the design was pretty extraordinary for the time.

This looks like brochures that you get for the cars at the Detroit Auto Show. I collected them for a while, but then got rid of them because they were useless and taking up space.

Hey, where is the Gorn?

Off buying a car? This was the car I drove for a few years. After that, a car is just a car.

Almost all old American cars. Hubby has a 1968 Volvo he loves and I was eager to find the brochure for it, but alas, Europeans aren’t included.

Oh geez, you are one lucky dude! I can remember my brother and I riding miles on our bikes just to look at a red XKE.

There’s a section for Miscellaneous car brochures; “miscellaneous” apparently means “foreign”.

Couldn’t find the '86 Volvo, but here’s a '66.

I didn’t see any Toyotas or Hondas at all.

Very nice – brings back memories to see the 'ol Travelall that took us across the county every summer.

1965 Mustang.

Ah, here we go. “Miscellaneous”–sigh

Anyway, here is hubby’s 41yro baby. His is like the red model on the bottom, not the station wagon.

Thanks for the Mustang link

I love me my 2007 Mustang

I think the new style looks like shit