and my Paranoid Friend

A friend of mine sent me an article from I’d never heard of this site before, but it looks like just another kooky conspiracy site with some sort of fundie twist. From the site’s masthead: “Before Uncle Sam there was Brother Jonathan” (WTF?)

The article claimed that terrorists MUST have caused the American Airlines flight 587 accident in New York on 12 November, and the government is covering it up. It’s pure fire-breathing paranoia and easily debunked. I replied with cites from the e-vil mainstream press :rolleyes: and the NTSB, pointing out where the article got its facts and conclusions wrong. He thanked me for my reply and said the following:

From other things he said, it was clear that he did not believe me. He’s swallowed this bunk whole, and no reading of the facts will change his mind. The irony of what he said to me about “accepting things with no second thought” just about knocked me over.

Here’s the thing: my friend is an aerospace engineer working for a major commercial aircraft manufacturer. He should know better than to believe the silly nonsense in this article.

I am deeply saddened by this. How can this happen? How can a person be so blind to their own knowledge, training and common sense? I’m tempted to try to reason with him again, but I fear it’s a lost cause. What do I do, and how can I get through to him?