Broke 2 toes Tuesday. What can I do between now and April 11th to be in shape to walk all day?

A heavy box fell 8’ onto my bare foot Tuesday night, and two of my toes are very likely broken (the middle one and the between it and the little toe) given the dark blue-purple bruising and inflammation. I’ve had a broken toe before, and it’s not that big of a deal considering it’s my left foot so I can drive and the pain isn’t too bad - no open fractures here, obviously - except I’m concerned about PAX East coming up April 11-13th, which is just a few weeks from now. There was enough walking going on last year and the year before to lead to sore feet both times, and I didn’t have broken toes then…

Any suggestions about what I should do between now and then to keep that weekend from being agony? I’m doing what I can now to keep that foot elevated and limiting how much walking I’m doing. What else?

When I had a suspected broken toe (never had it x-rayed) a nurse friend told me to do a makeshift splint to keep it straight while healing. I never did so, and to this day - about 20 years later - if I bend that toe sharply under, I get a brief stab of intense pain.

Aren’t there OTC splints you can buy for fingers and toes?

Could you theoretically be in a wheelchair for this event if you’re still in pain then? I’m not sure how handicapped accessible PAX is as I’m not familiar with the event, but if there are parts for it you can sit down for or use a wheelchair for long distances perhaps that would help minimize damage if your toes have not completely healed by then. Or crutches if it’s not bad enough to make a wheelchair necessary.

My mom broke her toes and she had a boot and wore hard soled clogs for a very long time. I’ll have to ask her what else she did, although she did not work outside the house so she did not have much walking to do in general.

When you can in the next few days: rest, ice, elevation. Buddy tape your toes to their neighbor if you can. Until swelling decreases, you may not be able to wear shoes. Take something for pain. Not much more than that is generally done for closed fractures in the toes. Someone mentioned a hard soled walking cast/boot.

Ow. These things are always so painful.

If you do the wheelchair route, you’ll need a backpack(ditto for crutches). If you’ll be pushing yourself, gloves. Fingerless work gloves from the local hardware store work fine.

See if you can borrow a wheelchair beforehand and practice.

Or, rent a scooter for the weekend. I go to a number of gaming conventions, and I always see a few people on those (and I know that there are places which rent them short-term).

Three days before a half marathon last October, I was rough-housing (ruff-housing?) with my dog barefooted and stubbed two toes so bad that they turned purple. I didn’t go see a doctor so I don’t know if it was broken or jammed badly. Either way it hurt like hell and I couldn’t do the half marathon nor the one the next weekend and I’d pre-registered and paid for both. BTW: I basically walk the half marathons in about 3 hours.

In my case it took about 2 months to feel good enough so that I could walk without pain again.

Bicycling didn’t hurt much at all as I keep the pedals back towards the ball of the foot and didn’t put pressure on the toes.

I second buddy taping them to their neighbour toes, as a splint. Mine felt a lot better after about two weeks, and after three weeks, while still sore, my SO stepped on it and re-broke it! I think a month might just be enough for you to walk all day. I was working hard, walking a lot and on my feet all day right after my SO re-broke my toe, and though it hurt I managed. I wore flip-flops though, shoes were agony.

In my experience, about a month into healing, you will have gone from sharp pain to throbbing. I personally would be able to handle an all day walk at that point.

Get wide, comfortable shoes, BTW.

I recommend seeing a doctor and following his recommendations. I have a badly healed broken bone in my foot and it still aches years later (I was in a bad accident, screwed up my knees and ankles, and didn’t notice that I’d broken a little bone in my foot until six months later when my legs healed but my foot still hurt.) At this point, my foot might never heal correctly short of surgery. So my advice is get it checked out now before the bones start to set on their own.

As for PAX (so jealous), consider a wheelchair.

I would say tell your problem to a doctor and do what he says. I kicked a rock once on the beach and broke my little toe; he said, “Yes, I can see that your toe is broken. I can xray it if you don’t believe me. Bye.”

As an aside, I’ve broken every toe except for my two big ones at one time or another. The two littlest ones always hurt the worst, I think it was because they are the smallest and contribute the least to walking ability. :wink:

What gave me the most trouble, and what I gauged my response by, was the time I broke my ‘index’ and middle toes on my right foot, as well as the metatarsal the ‘index’ toe was attached to. I needed an orthopedic slipper for about 3 weeks because of the swelling, and a cane. I was mowing my lawn on the 3rd weekend, and had throbby-achey pain from weeks 2 through 8. Once it got down to throbs, I could do about anything as far as walking that I wanted to, but no Tae Kwon Do for 6 weeks.

Did a lot of weight lifting and punching bags in the time off, FWIW.

RICE. Rest, ice, compression, elevation. The more you can stay off it, the faster the healing. I second (third?) the suggestion to tape them to the toes on either side, I did that when I broke my smallest toe and the relief was immediate. Still painful, but much less so.

When I broke my little toe last year, my podiatrist did an X-ray and complimented me on resetting the bone well. :slight_smile: I told him that the internet was full of advice to skip the doctor - he said that it’s important to see one for the case that the bone isn’t straight.

That being said…I just had to buddy tape for a bit, and keep my weight off the toe for three or four weeks. He did suggest putting a little piece of gauze between the two toes where they make contact, so the skin doesn’t get rubbed too much.

I had a toe get infected and removed in hospital. I was walking around the next day. Luckily I have numb feet (I can’t think of the medical term) and there was never any pain.