Broken Sword 2.5

For the point and click adventure fans, Broken Sword 2.5 is now available as a free download here.

It is a 650MB download and the cartoonish graphics look gorgeous. When my download is finished I will have a play and see how it is.

I think you may have meant this to be in the Cafe, since I do not see any BBQ’ing going on. Now if only I could figure how to report this…

Off to the Game Room.

It’s wonderful. The Broken Sword series should have been huge. Smart, hip and funny, with fantastic and beautifully voiced dialogue: George Stobbart’s deadpan narration is a hoot. Most of the enjoyment is in interacting with the various completely bonkers incidental characters: look out for the guy who goes to work in a thong bikini.

The third installment, “The Sleeping Dragon”, made a not wholly successful transition to a Tomb Raider style 3D, but is still a blast for the characters and dialogue: “The door was locked. It wasn’t opening time yet.”