My kids and I were playing a game where one person picks a food and tells the first letter. Everyone else has to guess the food.

Anyway, one of us started with a B and someone guessed brotatoes. I don’t know what that is, but it sounds delicious. I figure it should have bacon in it, but I don’t know what else. Maybe sawdust? Sandpaper? Duct tape? WD-40?

Can we come up with a recipe for brotatoes?

One pound of potatoes
1/2 pound of bacon

Help me out here. It probably should be edible.

Gotta have pickled jalapenos in there somewhere. Or at least Frank’s Red Hot. The Chicagoan in me wants to dump hot giardiniera in there.

and a good slathering of Axe.

Broasted potatoes go back the to early 1950s. Think chiken and jo jos.

Don’t know if that helps.

Copious amounts of cheap beer needs to be incorporated somehow, too. Maybe not in the actual dish, but in its preparation.

But we really need more meat to be involved in this bro-tato concoction. I’m thinking at least a half pound of chorizo. Maybe we can top all this with onion rings or at least Funions. ETA: Oh, shit, of course. Chili. Mounds of chili.

It must be deep fried and served on a stick.

Clearly it must be broiled!

Potatoes halved through the shorter axis, scooped out and the skin shell deep fried.

Chili, made with beer, no beans, lots o’ meat. Hell, chorizo would probably be pretty tasty in chili, too.

Chili scooped into deep fried potato skins, topped with cheese and jalapeno slices and bacon bits, the under the broiler for a couple of minutes. Frank’s Red on the side.

Plated two to a plate, with a vertical pickle. :wink:

Chorizo is tasty in chili. If you’ve never tried it, you really should.

But, yeah, those sounds like brotatoes to me! Maybe add some ranch dressing in there, too.

Ranch dressing. Very cute.

I think the Axe would make it inedible. It certainly makes it hard to be around my son when he slathers it on.

I love the idea of chili in the potatoes, along with the bacon. I notice, with some satisfaction, that no one suggested putting any greens in the recipe, other than jalapenos.

Beer in the preparation sounds like fun, but there probably should be beer in the recipe as well.

1 pound of potatoes
1/2 pound of bacon
A can of Heineken. Wait, screw Heineken! PBR!
2 cups of chili
Franks Red Hot

I love how it’s turning out.

Many places that serve delicious “Broasted” chicken also quarter potatoes lengthwise and broast those as well.


Braised in Red Bull/Monster/et al. Fist pumps optional.

OK, we’re well on our way. Of course, some type of cheese is noticeably absent. Velveeta would be the obvious, if pedestrian, choice. I think for brotatoes, there needs to be at least some attempt at quality somewhere, to give the bros something to argue about. I’m going to say Merkt’s Cheddar spread for the cheese element.

I think this is a winner!

I love you.

Okay, we need half a dozen Dopers to pool their resources and open a Buffalo Wild Wings franchise, and get this on the menu, STAT!

I’m in!

I don’t eat potatoes often but when I do I like this little concoction. It’s pretty popular.

Get some potatoes and cut into small wedges. I like halved or quartered small new potatoes unpeeled.

Get any chopped onion (spring onions are good) or leeks, diced bacon/chorizo/ham, diced chilis or peppers of choice and a little diced fresh tomato. If you have some fresh herbs you fancy you can add them at the end as a garnish - parsley, thyme, basil. Play it by ear with all this stuff. Quantities to taste. Additions and substitutions welcome.

Steam, boil or microwave the potatoes. While they are cooking gently fry all the other stuff except the garnish. When it is done tip it into your serving bowl.

Turn the frying pan up very high, drain the cooked potatoes and stir fry really fast to make them crispy. Salt and pepper while frying. Take off the heat, dump the other stuff back out of the bowl and mix together.

Put it all into the serving bowl. It should look OK already but I add a small amount of dressing to moisten it - usually some chili mayo or gauacamole but anything you like will do. Lightly mix. Add the garnish and serve.

It looks good on the plate and is less effort than it looks. Because it all just gets assemblled at the end and the potato frying only takes a minute, none of it is time critical.

I’m on board with this, but NO RANCH!

Bro’ Cheese! :smiley: