Broth and Stock the same thing? (soup)

Recently my GF was sick so I bought her some chicken broth. Last night there was a commercial for chicken stock and offhandedly she comments that is what I got her. I said no, I got her broth, not stock. She said they are the same thing. I didn’t think so but TBH I could not think of a difference. They seem very similar.

So, is there a difference between the two?

Apparently, it’s the chicken parts you use to make it. Condensed version:

Generally, broth is considered soup. Stock is a reduction that is used to make soup, and can be quite concentrated in its ultimate demi-glace form.

Stock is made with bones, broth is made with meat.

Thanks all…knew there’d be an answer here!

Dude, she’s sick, make sure to cut her a break. My experience with women is when you win you lose.

Gad…was just an offhand comment. Was in no way a “you do not know what you are talking about” thing particularly since I myself admitted I really did not know. It was about chicken soup fer chrissakes…hardly a cosmic debate.

Yeah, it wasn’t like it was about gravy or anything. Jeez.

Or chili…



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I don’t see a lot of precision with the way the two terms are used casually. I personally use them interchangebly but, if I’m being technical, I will use the term “stock” for bone-based soup bases and “broth” for mostly meat-based bases.